IL PEEPS-Gene Ann's of Barrington--BIG sale

Lookie here!! :happydance:

Were you wondering what to do next Thursday morning, June 1st?

Gene Ann’s, in Barrington is celebrating their 10th Anniversary.

They will be open from 6:00 AM to 12:00PM and then closed for the day.

The best part is:

6 - 7 AM — 50% off everything in the store (except books and patterns
which will also be specially priced)

7 - 8 AM – 40% off

8 - 9 AM – 30% off

9 - 10 AM – 25% off

10 - 11 AM – 20% off

11 - 12 PM – 15% off

Kinda glad I work midnights, I could make the 40% hour! :happydance:

[color=green]:thinking: Gee, we’re early rising retirees.
It could be like getting up to go to work. :doh:

What’s the address, please? [/color]

WOW, what a sale!!!

117 East Station Street in Barriington. It’s off of Rt. 59 on the same street as the Starbucks near the train station.

[color=green]Thanks Andrea. We use to bird watch at Crab Tree and Bakers Lake and I know where the train station is.
Haven’t been there in years. Yarn is like Jello. There’s always room for more. [/color]

I received the flyer this week-------can’t wait! It looks like the sale prices will include the needles (AddiTurbo)!!!1111!!!

Gene’s is about 5 minutes from my house. I think I could make it there by 6AM. No cameras allowed. This will be an early morning raid. Could mean bed-head and little to no make up-------but a sale is a sale! :slight_smile: