IK Swallowtail and Feather & Fan... thingy

First, I’ll show off my Swallowtail (IK Fall '06) because I think it’s cool, and I actually feel like I can call myself a knitter without having to add a “but…” to it!

It’s knit with Trekking XXL, on US 5 needles. I’m so happy with it, it’s really kind of ridiculous.

Next is a feather and fan… thingy. It isn’t quite wide enough to be a stole, and too wide to be a scarf. And then when it was blocking, my cats got the door open, tore around and played tag over it, then somebody sharpened their claws on it. I think I managed to kind of fix all the breaks (at least 5!) in it.

Thanks for looking! If you’d like more details/pictures, they’re in this blog entry. :slight_smile:

Both are beautiful!

You should be ridciuosly proud of your shawl it is beautiful!

The feather and fan “thing” looks great! Congratulations on fixing it!!!

Oh my goodness, they’re both BEAUTIFUL!!

Very nice detailed work! Love the yarn and colors!!!

Thanks so much, guys! :hug:

I am getting ready to try a feather and fan pattern in mohair. Yours looks so pretty!!! Keep those BAD kitties away! :grrr:

The swallowtail is spectacular–congratulations!

If you ask me, the F&F scarf thing looks very drapey. Are you sure it is too wide to wear as a scarf? It’s lovely.

Both are very beautiful!! :heart:

It is pretty drapey, and does work just fine (got to try it out --we had some weird, random snow this morning). :slight_smile: I was just pouty because it wasn’t absolutely, exactly what I imagined. :wink:

No buts for you that is full on gorgeous knitting!

I love them both but especially the shawl. I want to make one :slight_smile:

Very nice! Only ball of Trekking, you say. And it looks really great. Someone somewhere else was saying they wouldn’t use sock yarn for lace because of the nylon, but yours looks fine to me. :?? Now you have me eyeing one of my skeins.

As for the other, I think you can call it a stole cuz I was watching a Poirot movie and they called something a stole and it seemed to be around that size. It looks pretty, you shouldn’t be disappointed in it. Though I would be mad at those kitties.

GORGEOUS :cheering: :cheering:

Both look great, but your shawl is spectacular!

Very pretty!

Those are beautiful! I’ve yet to make a shawl, but your beautiful work really makes me want to. Good job! :cheering:

Very Nice!

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments! You guys are great. :hug:

Mwedzi – Yep, just one skein; I even have enough left over to do something small; a headband or something. I’m a little scared about the nylon now. I hope I don’t learn some horrible lesson when I wash it.

As for the other one, a stole it is! I feel better now – thanks! :slight_smile:

They look great. Bad kitties!!!