IK Concentric vest

Has anyone started making this? If so…did you find the same problem I did? well, it might not be a problem…maybe I just don’t know too much about short rows.
So…the pattern calls to work short rows, wrapping two sts before the last wrap st every WS row, and a 4 st right cable every 6 rows. On the last WS row, you wrap the 4th st from the beg, and on the next RS row, you’re supposed to right cable the 4 sts, but the one is wrapped? Anyone know how to do this? Do I just work the cable like normal working the wrap together with the stitch?
Maybe I’ll just try some things…

I don’t have a definitive answer for you, but I’d work the cable as normal while working the wrap with the stitch.

I’ve started this vest also but I’m having horrible problems with it. I got the back finished fine but the front I’m not getting. It’s all too hard for me. And with these wrapped sts I can’t tell if they are purls or wraps. I did through Row 14 on the left front but threw it in a bag tonight. I got really aggravated with the pattern. I’ve not knitted a lot of difficult things. I did the Koolhaas Hat from Interweave and did okay on that. My first cables ever. But this pattern I’m ready to toss. I really wanted to make this vest for my daughter as she really liked it and I did too. But since I don’t have anyone to help me I’m thinking I’m going to frog it and forget it. Any suggestions?