IK Celtic Tote pattern help anyone?

In the spirit of 2008 Fearless Knitting, I’ve cast on for the Celtic Tote from the Winter '07 Interweave Knits.
Well, I’m struggling with the first 2 rows of the cable chart and the double increases!! I finally got through the RS (right side) double increase with the help of an online illustration I found.
But instructions for the WS (wrong side) double increase just says to work p1, k1, p1 all in the same stitch. :whoosh:

?? Any advice or online tutorials??

Thanks in advance!

Ypu may want to see how this looks but I have heard that you can do a yo instead of the k1, so it would be p1 yo p1 all in the same stitch… HTH!

P1 K1 P1 all in the same stitch would look like this:

-purl the stitch, do not slip original stitch off left needle
-bring yarn to back and knit the same stitch, do not slip original stitch from left needle
-return yarn to front, purl same stitch and now you may slip the original stitch from left needle.

You’ve made 3 stitches from one.

Thank you both!! I’m anxious to get beyond row 2 and am going to give this a try. :woohoo: