Ihelp me please

In this 2nd row where it says p3 tog , 3from1 not sure what it is asking me to do.

It’s probably an increase. There’s a p3tog which decreases the stitch count by 2sts so the increase of 2sts compensates. That’ll maintain the stitch count. Check for a list of abbreviations before or after the pattern instructions to see how the pattern wants you to increase.
Here’s one way.

What is the name of the pattern?

The pattern is think pink, and it was out of a pattern book woman’s weekly, i found lots of them when sorting out mum,s things after she passed away, not sure want issues it is

How lovely that you’re using these patterns. Enjoy finishing this one.

It is an increase stitch make 3 stitches out of the one stitch good luck.