If you've purchased Addis from Jeff

How long did it take to ship them? Did you have any problems at all? I’ve been waiting almost 2 weeks and haven’t heard anything even after trying to contact him twice :frowning:

Maybe I just haven’t waited long enough? I’ve never had anything mailed take that long to get here though. Anyone else?

I’ve always gotten mine in a week – and I’ve ordered a bunch of times. :smiley:

for some reason nearly every time i have ordered from him has been over a holiday weekend. they have never taken more than 9 days even with the holiday figured in. I have never had trouble with communication with him but i have also only needed to communicate with him in requesting he get some bigger needles that i was searching for (and he had them within a few weeks! :cheering: )

i am sorry to hear that you are getting slow service… :frowning: have you tried contacting him through both ebay and regular e-mail?

The last time i ordered from him they came in about a week. That was before Christmas - like the beginning of Dec.

I just placed another order last Wed and they’re not here yet. I’ll let you know when they do arrive.

I’m sorry to hear you’re still waiting :thinking: I hope they come soon!


I’ve ordered many addis from Jeff & it usually takes right at a week, but I have had it take up to 3 weeks :smiley:

My first order came in about 8 days. The last order took over 2 weeks. It’s well worth the wait :happydance: Hope you get them soon.

My order took 7 days from the date he mailed them (From Wed. to Wed.) but it was took him three days to ship them after I paid although I paid w/i minutes of the auction’s end…it was probably an issue w/ the time difference between here and there.

A little over a week for me. He’s reliable though so I wouldn’t worry to much.

I haven’t gotten mine either :frowning: I got the receipt that I paid on 03/10, but I haven’t heard anything since—does he usually send out an email saying he’s shipped them? I tried emailing him but he hasn’t replied to that either. :frowning:

i think of all the orders that i have placed with him, he has only sent shipment notice once.

I just placed my first order and paid for it on Friday. I will let you know when I get mine and see how we compare.

I’m mostly irritated that he won’t respond. I don’t think that is asking too much. So the average time is about a week then, pretty much what I thought. Guess I’ll keep waiting…

It probably depends where you live- it takes 2 weeks for me to get the needles usually!

I had to email him a few times to get a response when my needles were late once. A girl responded, I think that she isn’t very fluent in English & perhaps this is why the response is slow in coming…keep trying, they will email you, I’m sure…he’s very reliable…LOL, I’ve gotten over 20 addi’s from them…it’s an addiction :roflhard: :rofling:

I also ordered once before and received my Addis in about 10 days. I just ordered some more on Saturday and (PayPal) paid him, so I will let you know when they arrive.

I :heart: my Addis

Yeeeah, I noticed quite a SOLID gap between when I bought & paid (buy it now) and when he emailed acknowledging that I had paid… About a week. And no mention of whether they’ve shipped yet.

I suppose Jeff is in the middle of a fascinating intarsia pattern and can’t stand to put it down at the moment. Happens to the best of us. Well, not to me, not until I get my Addis :wink:

:cheering: I got mine today! :cheering:
Paid: 03/10/06
Recieved: 03/22/06

Not bad :thumbsup: And in time for my drive to Florida!! :happydance:

I wanted to ask a question that I know I’ve seen in a thread but couldn’t find it…about Jeff’s addi’s…someone mentioned that the packing is different…I also noticed this but didn’t think anything of it until I noticed that one pair that I got from him has nothing stamped on the cord and has the metric size on the needle itself but nowhere else…none of my other addi’s, regardless of where I purchased them, are like this. Even the others I got from Jeff are not like this. Anyone else encounter this?

i have some that have nothing on the wire. my recollection is that it is the wire of the smaller needles but i could be wrong on that.

I did get them a few days ago :smiley: I guess I’m just anal about the way things ‘should’ happen IMO :lol: If I email a business person, they should at least email me back, which they did, but three days later. Anyway.