If You're Really, Really Bored

If you’re online and extremely bored you can take a look at my really boring webcam stream. I set it up late last night, basically just “because”.

Right now of course it’s just me loafing around at home, but as I travel around and get to wifi spots it’ll also be streaming from various locations around the country.

Very dull stuff to be sure, but there is a guest book you can sign.


Ha…that is funny…

winks…I feel like waving or shouting “HI” at the comp screen…but you are not going to hear me…

How fun! What are you making?

I would have to clean for a week before I set up a webcam. Plus brush my hair. I couldn’t take the scrutiny!

shhh he is knitting…smiles


I’m still working on the second baby bootie. Been kinda busy around the house and just haven’t taken the time to finish it yet.

Oh, I should have mentioned that if you click on the streaming image it’ll open another window that has a chat.

You’ve left to ‘buy chow’ so I’ll check back later. :roflhard:

LOL , I do pick my times. You have gone out hahahaha. Your place is nice and tidy . :slight_smile:
I will look in a little later . Nice idea Mason:)

Well I did warn ya it was boring :rofl:

Ya musta gone to the wrong site :teehee:

Sittin’ and smokin’ and sippin’ and staring into space.
I wasn’t bored before, but after three minutes of that…:stuck_out_tongue:

Guess I’ll come back when there’s a little more going on.:thumbsup:

That’s pretty much it. Remember, I never claimed it was exciting :rofl:

Looks like you’re growing back your “winter coat”. :slight_smile: This is fun to see! Thanks for sharing!

nice to be:waving: home relaxing.

I feel like I’m doing something so wrong by watching you. Like I’m eavesdropping or peeking in your window. Weird.


Yeah, the cold weather will be here before we know it.

Yeppers, is good to just chill out and unwind after several weeks on the road.


I really like your shirt :mrgreen:

It almost feels like we are “Big Brother-ing” you, Mason. :waving: Mason.