If your work is too small

Okay. I’ve been working all day on this stupid tank top that I’m all exited about. We went to go see the king and I at the theater and I knit all the time. I now have about 7 1/2 inches of stockline stich. I’m so pleased with myself. But then I measure it to my body, AND IT’S TOO SMALL!

Now I don’t know what to do. I really don’t want to rip back my work, but I don’t want to keep on knitting and waste pretty yarn on something I can’t wear. I was contimplating giving it to my friend (she’s tiny) but then my other best friend would feel left out, so I should knit something for her too.

Please help

If it’s too small, it’s too small. You might be able to block it bigger, but you’d have to finish it first and there’s no guarantee that that would work. A lot would depend on the type of yarn you’re using.

Right now I’m using ‘Red Heart’ acrylic. I think it’s sport weight. whatever that means ^_^;;

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to block an acrylic item. At least not effectively, it might block a bit but will always go back to its original state. I’m so sorry your project isn’t working out as you had hoped. :frowning:

Knitqueen’s right. There really is no way to make up for the size, so you can either start over or knit two. :wink: