If your sleeves come out SLIGHTLY different lengths

I made the sleeves for a sweater on the same needle at the same time and they still came out EVER so slightly different in length. I just bound off anyway figuring no one will notice but I wonder, if I were to do one more row on one and bind off in purl, rather than ending on a wrong side and binding off in knit, is there any reason NOT to futz with a pattern that way? (Yeah the difference is so slight it’s like a one row difference, but crafts of any sort bring out an anal retentive side in me that is not normally seen…)

If you have the same number of rows and they’re different lengths, your tension may have gone off. Iis anyone going to really notice if it’s just a row different? Even you? Because after you wear it a bit are you going to remember which sleeve is longer.

Nah, I don’t think anyone will notice. That’s why I just bound it off. But I was just wondering if I COULD have made it perfect, had I been so inclined.

I would say that blocking will definitely take care of any small differences like that. :slight_smile: