If you were to have just one EZ book

. . . which one would it be? I’m thinking of getting the Knitter’s Almanac so I can have the Baby Surprise pattern.

What do you all think?


Is that the one where she has digressions with pictures of herself when she was a kid and she tells her life story in between patterns? I :heart: that one.

I have 3 EZ books, and I love them all, they are great for their own reasons. I have the Knitters Almanac, Knitting Around and the Opinionated Knitter Newsletters.

My favourite though is the Opinionated Knitter Newsletters.

I think that there are digressions in all of her books - her writing style is all very “chatty”.

BTW, the Baby Surprise is not in the Knitters Almanac, though it is in the Opinionated Knitter Newsletters. The baby surprise is one of my absolute favourite projects that I’ve ever made. It’s absolutely fascinating and it is so much fun to knit.

Whichever book you get, I’m sure you’ll love. Maybe you could get them out of the library first, and then decide which one to get?

I have all of them and I have to say that [I]The Opinionated Knitter[/I] is my favorite.

I have two of her books. I’m still “looking” to find my favorite one of her’s.:oo:

I just got the Knitting Workshop and love it… It has the baby jacket and a rib warmer I just made…

I bought the Baby Surprise Jacket and video from Schoolhouse Press. You can also get the video from Knitpicks. I’m not sure the BSJ is in any of the books, but there are other cute baby patterns.

Also…if you can get them from the library first you can see how you feel about the patterns before you buy it. That’s what I did. :wink:

The Baby Surprise is in Knitting Workshop, in the back. It is in mine anyway. :shrug:

Thanks all for your replies. I figured out that the sweater I want to knit isn’t the Babu surprise but the lacy baby sweater from the Knitter’s Almanac. So I think I’m heading over to Amazon to order that one. Now to choose some yarn!

I can’t wait to get the book!

BTW, none of the libraries in my area seem to have it :pout:


Does your city have the interlibrary loan? My city didn’t have it locally so i did an interlibrary loan and got one from another city.