If you were going to attempt sockmaking for time~

OK. … here goes
I am wondering if you were going to attempt to make your very 1st pair of socks what kind of knitting needles would you recommend. do you have a certain SIZE or brand you prefer to knit with? do you prefer magic loop ( although I dont really understand but I know Silver made a tutorial:cheering:)… what would you say that a beginner would need to have in their sockmaking kit~

thanks for all replies

i prefer 2 circs for socks. i don’t think silver has a magic loop tutorial. i believe it is a toe up 2 circs tute that she wrote most recently. sock class link is in her signature. you will love it!

for circs, i love my knitpicks classic circs in size 0 or 1.

Silver most definitely has a ML toe up 2 at a time sock tutorial. It’s on her site. I started learning how to make socks on dpns and hated the ankle down method. Then I learned toe up socks on dpns and liked that better, enough to make a pair or two of honest to goodness socks. Next, I tried Silver’s tutorial and that IMO, rocks!

I wanted to jump in and say ML’s the way to go to learn how to make socks but I wonder if there’s a benefit to slogging through the more traditonal sock making techniques so you can learn different construction methods and how socks go together. Then again, you might just want to jump into Silver’s method just for the fun and ease of making a pair of socks all at once and missing out on SSS (second sock syndrome!) then explore other methods once you have your confidence up.

Anyway, I love ML and probably won’t turn back from here.


Silver recommends that you use a larger needle with something like worsted yarn. The first time you try socks, sock yarn and small dpns can seem intimidating.

I, personally, jumped right in with size 3 dpns and regular sock yarn. I did fine. I prefer dpns over ML. JMO.

For you to decide, just go with what you think you’ll be most comfortable doing.

Using dpns requires you to forget about the extra needles and focus on the two you’re using at the time. It’s really no big deal.

Anyhow, good luck!

I started with size 3s dpns and sport weight yarn. This was good as I only needed, 48 or 56 stitches, can’t remember. Actually, not true, I did a practice sock on size 4s with sport weight before I started in on my first pair. You can do regular sock weight yarn, but it’s good to have something larger for the first time, too, I think. I think 2 at a time would be a little more difficult but I bet it’s still doable. I’ve only done 1 toe up and didn’t find it to be much better or worse than top down, but I do want to try magic loop. I started with the Silver tutorial on 2 at a time toe up magic loop, but got frustrated with the . . .2-ness of it all, kept getting tangled and confused, so I just put it aside. One day I’ll go back.

I think my first socks were either a sport or a dk weight and they were for my then 6 year old son so they weren’t huge. I usually recommend people start with at least a sport weight yarn and the appropriate needles.

Here is my 2 cents (and that is really all it is worth)

I tried a couple of times to get started with socks and I thought I was jinxed but I really wanted to do it and finally this is what worked for me.

I bought some Cascade Fixation - I knit using Silver’s sock tutorial with this yarn. I did it on a size 4 needle. The yarn has some elastic in it so you do not see the ladder effect that a lot of people talk about with their first pair. I had tried with Lorna’s Laces with size 1 DPN’s but I felt like I was knitting with tooth picks. I think now that I am comfortable with the pattern I will go back to the Lorna’s Laces and give it another try. But if it was me I really would start with a heavier yarn like I used.

Silver’s sock tutorial is fantastic - she leaves nothing to the imagination - it is all spelled out and if you follow it step by step you should be fine!

For my first socks, I used size 2 needles with regular sock yarn. I ended up loving it, and I don’t think I would have loved it as much (either the process of knitting them or wearing the final product) if I had used worsted and larger needles.

I use Magic Loop for all of my small diameter circular knitting, even entire hats, but I used dpns for my socks and I loved it. It was a lot less fuss, and it was fun to try them out. I like bamboo because the needles won’t slip out of your work. Good luck! :smiley:

I am making my first pair right now. My friends took a ML class and recommended that I get a pair of sz 2 circs and sock yarn, so I did.

I am using Silver’s Sock Class for DPNs, even tho I am doing ML. I just used Amy’s video to learn ML (took about 10 mins), and then I was on my way.

I am almost to the toe and everything looks fine so far.

My next pair will be 2-on-1 ML, mark my words!:thumbsup: