If you were a toque, what yarn would you be?

This will be my first toque ever :oo: Frankly I’m kinda scared :teehee:

Anyhow, this is for DH, and it’s get pretty cold up here. I found some new yarn by Bernat, their soy line :slight_smile: The colour I picked up was Flax -->

The scoop on it:
[FONT=arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=#3f9cc3]Weight Category:[/COLOR] 4 – Medium
[COLOR=#3f9cc3]Ball Weight:[/COLOR] 2.5 oz / 70g
[COLOR=#3f9cc3]Length:[/COLOR] 134 yds / 123m
[COLOR=#3f9cc3]Content:[/COLOR] 50% soy, 50% acrylic.
[COLOR=#3f9cc3]Gauge: [/COLOR]Knitting: 19 stitches – 25 rows = 4" (10 cm)
[COLOR=#3f9cc3]Suggested Knitting Needle Size:[/COLOR] US 8 (5 mm) needles.[/SIZE][/FONT]

My Q is, would you use this for a toque, if not what would you suggest. BTW, any suggestions for a pattern for Men’s toque?

Much appreciated. :hug:

Pardon my ignorance, but what is a toque?


toque is french for “beanie” or woolen hat.

Oh that’s a gorgeous yarn. Yes; it would make a nice man’s toque! Flat top toque looks like it would do nicely with that yarn. Maybe even this one. I like seed stitch, though. This hat is also pretty interesting and would knit up quickly and cool!

Aren’t men picky about their hats? I knit my DBF a hat last winter and I made it out of plain black wool in a very simple ribbed pattern from [U]Stitch and Bitch[/U]. This pattern doesn’t even call for circular needles or anything, you just have a fairly invisible seam up the back. Well, I wouldn’t recommend making that hat particularily, but a manly one is pretty necessary. Here are two I found by looking up “knitting patterns men’s hat” on google:


I found two on the Bernat site also:

Doesn’t that man look happy with his hat? I think so!!!

I was telling Dangles earlier that the Soy/Acrylic blend might not get warm enough for where she lives. It gets darn cold up there. Does anyone have experience with this yarn who can say if it will be warm enough for a hat in the winter time?

SWTC calls their soy silk “Soft like silk yet warm like cashmere” So I would think it could be warm weather wear.

Well… if I were a Canadian toque, I’d be pure wool for warmth and water resistance. I usually line toques with fleece for extra warmth. They’re very warm! The ones I made last year had five inch turn up cuffs and that made them warm over the ears. Can’t wait to see a picture of your toque!

samm, that’d be it. would you have a patten you can share?

I really like this pattern but I also make the ‘Hem’ 4.5" deep to keep the ears covered. sorry about the long link. http://www.knitting-and.com/knitting/patterns/hats/monmouth.htm

Hmmmm… I’ll go look in my patterns. I know I have a really nice one for a man, and it might have been a freebee pattern. I’ll be back shortly. :aww: samm

I was right. It’s a Bernat pattern called Handsome Hat and Scarf. It makes a very nice toque for a man. It calls for chunky yarn, but I have made it with ww.Or you can double the ww to make it very thick and warm. I believe you can find it at www.bernat.com under the Softee Chunky listings or under hats. If you can’t find it let me know. We’ll figure something out! samm

Yup! It’s there, under projects for men and then knitting, and then scroll down a bit. It’s hard to see from the photo, but it’s a simple toque with a wide turn up. Cosy! Good luck! I wanna see a photo when it’s done! samm

I’d be a wool or a wool blend in worsted weight, with a loose twist, and knit in a stretchy stitch (yes, probably rib).

Did you find the pattern? samm

Thanks to all who’ve helped me.

Samm, yes I found the pattern :slight_smile: How do you add the fleece in?

when you say you are adding fleece, do you mean thrums? i’m making thrummed mittens and i would think they are going to be toasty as having little ovens on my hands!

here’s a tutorial by adrian of hello yarns on how she thrums mittens. i would think it would make the warmest toque ever if you thrummed it.

you may already have a supplier for fiber, but if you don’t, adrian sells bags of fiber for thrums for $3. she states that one bag should make a pair of thrummed mittens.

dakatzmeow, no, not thrums.

I buy fleece by the yard at the fabric store, to line toques. It makes wool ones non itch, long as the fabric is right to the edge. The better the fleece the warmer and more windproof the toque!