If YOU opened a new Yarn Shop

[Knitty_Kat"] I would encourage local spinsters to sell their handspun yarns in my shop.

Could the married ones sell their yarn too ??? :roflhard: :roflhard:

r u opening one soon ??? if so …let me know where so that i can be yr customer …friendly and willing to help is the best of opening a yarn store… free services comes after buying yarn from u …charge $2 an hour who need help in their project…that is my opinion…hope that helps :heart:

Hey there River Daughter! I think you have fabulous ideas! The sentiments that you shared are exactly what I was telling the owner of a LYS nearby. I sent her a link to this thread…and when I came in the next day to sit and knit with one of my knitting buddies, the owner approached us and asked us for our input. She was very interested in knowing what she could do to attract additional clientele. One of the things I stressed VERY MUCH is: FREE BEGINNER CLASSES once in a while. Also, even if the class is free…you cannot require that the new knitters who attend BUY EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT AND KITS from the shop. I said, let them bring in any kind of needle and yarn. Doesn’t matter where they get the stuff. She could offer inexpensive starter bags for sale…but they better be cheap! Like, no more than $10 for needles and yarn. You cannot attract new knitters if the class is $80, and the materials are $60. I’m sorry, it won’t fly! She was a little shocked. Her existing beginner classes are very very thorough, over a couple week’s time, and involve learning to knit from scratch, and the class project is a felted bag knit in the round!!! THAT IS TOO MUCH. You can’t offer a class like that for free. You have to have a class that is VERY SIMPLE…like: “here is how to cast on, here is the “knit stitch”…now let’s knit!” PERIOD. For free. Then, if the knitter wants to progress, she can sign up for a more involved class.

Well, please feel free to send this thread to the owner of your LYS. You may be surprised at how much the owners want more information on what the community is thinking…and how to attract new business, etc.

My LYS may put out emails to all her address book, saying that FREE BEGINNER KNITTING classes will be offered! I told her what will it hurt to try it once? She could limit it to the “first 10” beginners that come down to the shop and sign up!