If you have SnB Nation need a favor

Could you look up for me the Mud Flap Girl tank what type of yarn and how much (size large)

Yeah, I know I need to get it soon. :verysad:

Hi! Here is the info on the tank top.

For size large:

MC: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (80% cotton, 20% wool; 100g/215 yds), 5 skeins #CW005 Cavern.

CC: Berroco Metallic FX (85% rayon, 15% metallic; 25g/85yds), 1 skein #1002 Silver.

Have fun!


Thank you :happydance: :happydance:

I’m still waiting to get the book from the library. I think I’m 8th or 9th on the list yet. I’ve decided to be last in every kal, because that just seems to work for me :smiley: :thumbsup:

Ooook now does anyone have a good yard sub for this? Could I use 100% cotton?

As long as what you want to use is aboput the same weight as what the pattern suggests, you can use it! Just make sure you have enough yardage.