If you have babies or know someone who does

If you have babies and feed them baby food read this article.

I have a tendency to believe this as they aren’t suing, but only want their money back.


makes me glad i only fed mine beech-nut (the factory’s about 30 minutes away, dh’s aunt worked there and we could get it discounted simply because the label didn’t glue on right) or make my own…

That’s disgusting!

It kills me how so many companies, right off the bat, claim they are not at fault or accuse people (not to say that people don’t intentionally add sickening things to foods for a lawsuit) of altering the food.

My sister, about a year ago, was going to make a Totino’s pizza for her kids. She took it out of the box, opened the wrapper, and found half of a mouse frozen into the pizza. There was a tail present as well. They took a ton of pictures of it, notified the company and sent it back. They weren’t demanding any money, or, even a refund, the just wanted the company to know there was half a mouse on their pizza so there was the likelihood of the other half being on another pizza. The company claimed my sister was wrong and it was a sausage casing. She asked for the pizza back because she wanted to notify the local news station. When she got the pizza back, there was something completely different on the pizza. The company had substituted the mouse before sending the pizza back to my sister! However, my sister still has the original pictures. Nothing ever happened and they only offered her an “exchange” option. She could get a coupon for a different Totino’s pizza for free. Needless to say, she told them to keep the coupon and none of us eat Totino’s pizza anymore.

I think I’m lucky. The worst I ever got was I bought a box of fish sticks from a local grocery store last year ('07) and on the back was a coupon for .40 cents off of my next purchase…expiration date was July 2000…uhhhh, hunh?

I got my money back and check the boxes from that store religiously now.

Oh how gross. My DS eats Earth’s Best or I make my own.

I bought a frozen Sara Lee pie and found a long hair sticking out of the top crust. Haven’t bought Sara Lee since.

that made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Oh yuck yuck yuck.

i have found magots inside the bags of rice from uncle bens afew times.

oddly enough i still buy it, need my head read i think lol.

i must confess i used to buy baby food. but have said when i have baba no 2 i will be making it myself. i am a little bit of a better cook now than i was 4 years ago hehe

I’ve heard of the same thing happening many months ago. That’s pretty disgusting. I always made baby food for my son and if blessed with more children, I’ll do the same. BRU has a great little food mill for making baby food.

good for you sea - kayaker. I also made my own baby food. There is a great book out there called ‘blender baby food’. It was my bible when mine were babes.
It is so smart to feed your children food YOU make. You just never know what goes into the food of the store shelves or who and how they prepared it(ready made I mean.)