If you had to pick ONE needle what size would it be? ---

Like, what would you consider (if you had to pick JUST one) the “standard” size knitting needle? ??? :slight_smile: the size you would pick if you could pic no others??? :slight_smile:

I would pick my interchangeable set so I didn’t have to pick just one. I use all of them.

I don’t think there is one needle size that is standard. But, if you knit mostly worsted weight sweaters, I guess size 7 or 8 would be what you get the most use out of. It really depends.

probably size 8

Yeah, my first thought was an 8 too. It’s a good middle size.

I can tell you I would NOT pick 15’s. I knit with them for the very first time today and it felt like I was trying to knit with chair legs or something. I didn’t dig it at all.

That’s a bit like asking to pick just one finger…I’d cheat and say my interchangeable set.

I’d say 8’s also

IMHO it is better for a beginner to use a larger size needle(13,15 17) as a beginner I had ALOT of trouble trying to decide which way to turn the yarn, what needle went through what loop and sz8 just didn’t cut the mustard for me. I took a knitng class (twice) at Michaels and the 2nd time around the same needles but bulky weight yarn… All the difference in the world…!! I think beginners should start with big, easy needles, and big easy yarn and forget sz 8 and worsted weight yarn. I Kknow this is what all the book teach beginners with but…

that is my preference…
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After just buying a pair of speed stix which I love at the moment probably them.

:hug: Sharon

My instant reaction was size 7, which actually goes with several of the previous answers because I tend to knit on the loose side.

I seem to use size 6 and 7 alot. But, as for picking, can’t do it…I pick my Options set :wink:

I’d have to say size 9. :teehee:

I’d say a 7.

i guess i’m a freak, but i love my flex 10s.

8s. Do you guys know I’ve never used a size 7! HA! Rebecca, what do you use size 7’s for? Just curious.

I’d have to follow the crowd and go with a size 8. Small enough to make a nice pretty stitch but large enough to not feel as if you’re knitting with toothpicks. Plus, a lot of worsted weight yarns have a reccomended needle size of 8.

I’d have to say that the LAST needle I’d want to use is a 0. The new knitty issue has a pattern for cabled socks that use size 0 needles. And it’s a complicated pattern, too :shock:

I pick 5 or 6’s.

lol i just feel like i am knitting forever and ever and ever to get 20 stitches done when i use those needles!

i know 20 stitches is 20 stitches (just like 20 pounds of feathers and 20 pounds of rocks are still 20 pounds) but it just SEEEEEMS like forever to me.

My confession is I think my knitting looks better with size 3’s.

:roflhard: I didnt even know half these needle existed!! :oops: