If you had a $30 giftcard to JoAnns, what would you buy?

My sister gave me a $30 giftcard to JoAnn Fabrics. I’m very eager to spend it, but I can’t decide on what. I’ve thought about yarn, but I’m wondering what else I should consider. I saw a ball winder for $25 or so or they have all kinds of contraptions for carrying yarn with you. What would you get for $30 there?


I would definitely go for the ball winder!

down payment on a SWIFT
I need /want / covet one

even a metal one
since I found out what the wodden ones cost

i think i paid less than $40 total for my swift using a coupon and all that. i would be all about the ball winder or the swift. i personally think i would rather live without my ball winder than my swift.

Forgive my ignorance, but what is a swift?

It’s a wooden contraption for holding yarn from a hank or skein while you spin it into a ball (or knit from it directly, I suppose).

Here is one.

Well, personally, I believe that one can never have too much yarn, so I’d buy a bunch, and I’d probably get a set of interchangeable needles and a couple of circular ones. Oh, and a pack of double-pointed needles.

Do they sell needles at that place? I wouldn’t know…I live in the Philippines, and we have, like, one store where you can buy yarn, and they don’t even sell double-pointed needles or anything like that, only regular ones.

I’m probably not much help at all. Sorry!

I’d probably go for accessories - one of those neat totes that has all the pockets, etc. or the things mentioned in other posts, or needles.

Unfortunately, any Joann’s store I’ve been in (online is definitely different, though) has a very poor selection of yarn - not very many selections, and very few skeins of what they do have. I hope not everyone’s Joann’s is that way. :pout:

First of all, are you on their mailing list? Do you get coupons emailed to you? Let me know…if not, I can forward mine to you. :slight_smile:

Do you have a whole set of needles? I don’t. So I would buy some Clover bamboos in sizes that I don’t have yet.

If you have a complete set of needles, but want more yarn, my Joann’s sells Patons Classic Merino, which feels very nice. However, I’m still a beginner, and Patons is the nicest wool I’ve felt so far. There’s probably tons of gorgeous wool out there at LYS’s that I’ve never felt. If Joann’s yarn makes you cringe, then you could either get the ball winder and/or the swift, or one of those neat tote bags with wheels.

I personally would spend my gift card on their cheap flannel and fleece fabric scraps because I make cloth diapers and cloth menstrual pads. I clean up when their fabric scraps go on sale. :happydance:

I’d buy enough Patons SWS to do an Enterlac shawl or soemthing… I used it to make a hat and its soo soft really enjoyed working with it… :teehee:

Another vote for ballwinder. Maybe because I want one so badly :shrug: Enjoy :happydance: your GC and get on JoAnns mailing list ASAP–those 50% off coupons REALLY help on big purchases.

Yes! I’d buy SWS, too.

If you aren’t on the list yet you can usually find them at www.currentcodes.com too. I usually delete the e-mails so have to go hunting for the codes when there is something i want to buy! :teehee:

Great idea - I’m making Lady E out of SWS right now and I :heart: it!!!

Personally, I’d go for a tote!!! Or put it towards a craft desk. Aaah, how I would love a craft desk!!! But alas, my space is limited :shrug:

Totally a swift. I could live with winding balls by hand, but the swift… :drool: :drool:

Actually, I just received a $75 g-card to Joann’s! And although I love yarn from being a knitter and crocheter. . . I’m going to put it towards a sewing machine. I want to refresh my skills and hopefully get into quilting (one of these days). But if it wasn’t for that, I’d probably buy some interchangeable needles.