If you had $50

what yarn would you buy? My mother gave me $50 for my birthday with strict instructions not to spend it on groceries or other ho hum things. Normally, I can figure out pretty well what I want, I usually have a wish list running in my head :slight_smile: But this time I’m just confused!!!

I love to knit socks, and baby things. I wouldn’t mind beginning a nice afghan and at some point I want to start some lace knitting as a total beginner.

So, if you had $50 to spend on yarn, you would buy…? (include links!!!) :slight_smile:

I would check out some malabrigo lace, http://www.malabrigoyarn.com/yarn.html

I would go to my lys, find some cashmere yarn, buy $50 worth of it and knit myself a scarf and hat with it. And mittens, if there was enough left over.



Really nice sock yarn. $50 should get you 2 pairs’ worth of the expensive stuff.

Two skeins of Socks That Rock. No question about it.

I agree 100%. :thumbsup: For $50 you’d get lots more yardage and it’s just as soft as cashmere. :heart:

If I get the malabrigo lace, can I make socks using a single strand? It seems like it would be much lighter, but I do like the more yardage for my money aspect.

I would either go to KnitPicks (Kelly Petkun is fast becoming one of my favorite people in the world) or LittleKnits.com and see what my $50 would get me.

:thumbsup: I would do the same.

Everyone has great suggestions, but I’ll add another… do not spend the money on yarn for someone else! Spend it on yarn for something for YOU! It’ll make that gift special everytime you use/wear it. :hug:

Anything from Fleece Artist or Handmaiden.

I’ve been lusting after Handmaiden’s Camelspin (baby camel and silk…droool).

I could also do with a shot ofArtfibre yarn I love the Chutney silk yarn. A cone of 1050yds/250grams goes for $50.

They also have a lovely alpaca (Quipu). A cone of 950yds is going for $50.

Excuse me, I’m going to need a moment to wipe the drool off my keyboard…

I would buy myself Options, or 50 bucks of Mmmmmmalabrigo…:heart:

OMG…whats that thing? :roflhard:

I was trying to type mmmmalabrigo with a capital M, but I got that.

Oh crap… I just added that new smiley and used the mms for it. I’ll go in an fix it. Sorry! :doh:

ETA: I fixed it and as you can see the smiley disappeared. :teehee:

Was it licking its lips? Cause that would be SO funny for Malabrigo!

Yes, it’s a lip licking smiley I made a few years ago and thought you all would like it. :mmm:

I would buy this. Sooo soft and beautiful. It BEGS to be fondled. I just got some from my LYS, and as soon as we have finished our move, I’m making some lace.

Anything from Schoolhouse Press And, Cat Bordhi’s [I]Socks Soar on 2 circular needles[/I] isn’t a bad idea, either.

What a great bunch of links!!! I solemnly considered all your ideas and really toyed seriously with the idea of blowing it all on something sumptuous like cashmere.

But my frugal nature won out and I went to KnitPicks and a ‘sock wardrobe’ is on the way!!! :slight_smile: I bought KP Essentials for about 8 or 9 (can’t remember) pairs of socks. A tad over $50 but that’s ok.

I bookmarked everything not previously bookmarked and will go back. I’m planning to buy some of the Malabrigo Lace and also the Merino Silk Grignasco - oh my I really drooled over that one! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help :smiley: