If you had $200 for just spinning supplies

What would you buy?

My dad gave me $200 to buy supplies for my etsy store (www.kashadilla.etsy.com)
Where/what would you buy? I can’t spread it out too much since its going on a credit card in dads name that he gave fiance and I for emergencies. But I was thinking maybe a ball winder, a jacquard acid dye starter kit and some bare yarn from knitpicks, and then I would like to blow the rest of it on some dyed, and some bare fiber. Whats your favorite online go-to fiber place?

I keep going back to www.joyofhandspinning.com 's store…they have some beautiful stuff

well seeing as how I’ve never spun anything yet (I got my spindle today, and some yarn and fiber are on their way) I think I’d want a lot more yarn to dye, a ball winder is a great idea! (sorry I can’t reccomend one) and a spinning wheel, and a drum carder. BUT $200 wouldn’t cover all that lol! oh! and some koolaid, and wilton’s dye.

sooo… if you take out the drum carder, and wheel yo may be able to swing it?

sorry I’m such a newbie, I’m not so good for online reccomendations yet, but have fun shopping!

What do you have already? How handy are you? Are you registered at Raverly.com?? There is a wonderful group there (DIY Tools)
Do you have a wheel, charka or spindle?
Do you buy prepared fiber or prepare your own?
Do you dye your own fiber and/or do you combine varous fibers?
Do you have hand/drum carder?
Do you have extra bobbins (if wheel)?
Tensioned lazy kate (for plying)
The things I use the most include:
skein winder
ball winder (get a jumbo one!)
drum carder
extra bobbins

Check out www.helloyarn.com she has a dye starter kit that I loved.
Fiber to dye
spinning glitz
yarn to dye
Reference books like spinning in color by deb menz
niddy noddy
ball winder
Major items would have to be
Drum carder
spinning wheel

I am on Ravelry, I just got set up as a “yarnie” actually. I have an ashford joy dt wheel. I buy prepared fibers, both already dyed and bare to dye myself. I would love to try my hand at carding, but I can’t afford a drum carder, and well, my thing with hand carding is, ok so you card it into a “rolag” but how do you connect the rolags to make some semblance of a presentable ball or hank of roving? (I’m getting this stuff for my etsy store to sell)
so I’m looking mostly for fiber, both dyed and undyed, along with a few skein of bare yarn for handpainting possibly.

When you drum card the fiber comes off in a “sheet” and is called a batt. You do not assemble it to make a rolag (usually), but it can be done depending on your blending. You can roll the “sheet” up (looks like a tootsie roll) and very, very slowly draft the fibers into a pencil roving.
However, most keep it in batts. Tear & spin. Very nice. Check out some pixie batts or simply fiber batts on ebay & etsy. You will see them.

Hand carders make rolags, but I keep them undrafted until I am ready to spin them. I roll them and draft just like I do with drum carded fiber.

Great prices, great fiber. Quick shipping and really great customer service. A pound of BFL for $18? White alpaca for $25? Come on! :thumbsup:

Another great wool supplier is R.H. Lindsay


Slivers at $8.50 / lb
Tops from $7.50 to $16.00/lb (the $16 is for dyed black merino)

yearling mohair top $12/lb
dehaired camel for $16.lb

Of course, there is always Carol Lee!