If you could only buy one E.Zimmerman book

Eventually I want to get all the Elizabeth Zimmerman books, but they will have to be one at a time. Which one is the best to get first. I am interest in the patterns, especially the baby jackets.


I love all the EZ books! But if I were particularly looking for baby jackets, I would go with Knitting Workshop. It includes both the Baby Surprise Jacket, and the Tomten jacket which can be made in adult or children’s sizes.

It has plenty of projects besides those as well! For hats, seamless sweaters, hybrid sweaters, saddle shoulder, arans, guernseys, fair isle, drop shoulder/Norwegian sweaters, and probably more I’m leaving out.

It also covers EPS (Elizabeth’s Percentage System) for making sweaters of any size, any yarn, to fit your gauge, your needles, and your yarn.

HTH! Good luck, any book you choose will be WELL worth it.

I have two of her books. I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore. I have many other knitting books that I enjoy much more. I know she has a big following even now that she’s “gone”.