If it weren't for knitting

I think I would lose my mind. I just started a new job today and have that huge “information overload” going on when you are shown one million things that have to be done a certain way and it is just unfamiliar even though you have the skill sets for the job. I’m going cross-eyed trying to remember everything and taking notes. I had to take 3 different tests today (passed them all whew) and still have about 9 more to go for all my training. But my head is just fuzzy.

So now I can breathe and knit and not think about all those little steps and buttons on the computer screen or whether I can remember how to login in the correct fashion. It will all come back to me tomorrow. But if it weren’t for knitting I’d just sit thinking about it all.

Thank the universe for knitting! :knitting:


I could do a show…
if it werent for knitting
I would have no fingernails
I would need more medication
I would have more money
I would watch tv without the lights on
I would have less dreams about the wrong stitch and more dreams about ramdom stuff
I would have more room in the house
My cats would be less entertained…
(someone get me a video camera… Itchy refuses to let me knit…chewing on needles, wrapping legs in yarn, everyday the same thing)
My time at work would not be consumed checking the new posts at KH!

If it weren’t for knitting, I’d be a lot crankier. :teehee:

If it weren’t for Knitting & Crocheting I would not have survived one daughter through teenagehood & two more children, one daughter & one son, through teenagehood. Many people ask me how I can just sit anywhere (like the ballfields) and knit. I tell them that it is my SANITY cause without it I would be insane.:slight_smile:

When people tell me they don’t have the patience for knitting, I tell them that it [I]gives[/I] me patience. I can sit and wait for appointments, sit for hours in the emergency room, cheer for an extra inning at Tball, and it follows me through the rest of my day. My job requires enormous amounts of patience, and when people ask how I can stay so calm among craziness. . . I tell them that I’m a knitter.

If it weren’t for knitting I’d need a prescription.

A BIG prescription.:teehee:

if it weren’t for knitting I’d need a lot more therapy!!! LOL!

And I bet while you are knitting, your brain is quietly going over all those steps (in the background so you don’t realized it) and learning them, like it does when you are sleeping. Knitting keeps the mind relaxed so it can learn better. I think. I’m not a scientist, but I’m willing to say this with some authority, lol.

if it weren’t for knitting…

The kids would have ended up duct taped to the walls <G>
i’d be a straight A student (internet courses, how can anyone pay attention when there’s so much knitting to be done???)

You can do this!!! well.:woohoo:

If it weren’t for knitting, I would probably go loco at work. This website really helps as an occaisional distraction!

Thanks everyone! Yes; knitting keeps the therapy bill down :grphug:

Wow…you sound like me. I started a new job last year and just now feel like I’m catching on. If I didn’t know better, and I probably don’t…your training sounds a lot like ours…and we have a bunch of new people taking tests…you don’t work for Medicare do you?:shrug: