If I Only Had A BRAIN!

After agonizing for days on what to do first with all my Christmas yarn, I finally decided on a simple cotton pullover. The pattern called for a k1 p1 rib to start it off. Usually, I do a 2/2 rib, but my fingers know all about k1 p1 cuz I do a lot of seed stitch.

I cast on and worked the 1st row with no problem, then Brain left to pursue other interests while Fingers kept working. An inch or so later, I noticed that my rib was looking sorta lumpy. :?? As soon Brain left the building, Fingers went back to what they know best – SEED STITCH! :wall: :hair:

I hate it when that happens! My brain goes on auto-pilot at regular intervals… At least you caught it now and not when the thing was half finished…

I hate when things like that happen! The other day I got my kids each a bowl of cereal; I was totally on auto pilot…I was going through the motions but not thinking one bit…So, I go to the fridge, with the intention of grabbing the milk, but, I instead grab a bottle of Pepsi and proceed to pour the Pepsi into the bowl of cereal :doh:Luckily I quickly realized I was pouring soda into the cereal as opposed to the milk…Well, hubby hadn’t gotten paid yet, we were almost out of cereal, and, we had a few more days to go until hubby did get paid, so, I just poured a bit more milk than normal into my son’s cereal to try to eliminate the soda flavor…He never did notice :teehee:

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve worked on something with a border on the edges and stockinette in the middle, and I realize several rows later that I’ve been knitting stockinette all the way up to the edge…I always use stitch markers to prevent that now, but it sure is annoying!

Thanks for sharing, everyone. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one whose brain goes AWOL every once in a while. :grphug:

Hey Demonica, I’m glad to know I am not the only one who does that… looks innocent and whistles :teehee:

:doh: Sounds like something I would do. :teehee:

People keep commenting on how pretty my “Jewels” are in my Knitting
I tell them it is to remind me to THINK while I M knitting
even on a simple stockinette hat (like I M doing now)
and I do seed vs stockinette by the Number of stitches to the round, so I can be totally brainless (I am a Blondie afterall)

Been there, done that…!
At least you discovered it before you went too far…
Just start over and chalk it up to… ummmm… senility…:roflhard:
Just kidding :thumbsup: … !
TEMA:knitting: [/COLOR]


[COLOR=#9932cc]Just start over and chalk it up to… ummmm… senility…[/COLOR]:roflhard:

Gee, thanks. I feel much better now. :waah: [/COLOR]