If I had one wish

I’m afraid world peace and global hunger would have to be 2 and 3. I so badly wish I were an octopus so I could knit all the things I want to knit. I love what I’m knitting at the present, don’t want to end it-THEN I look at the yarn and patterns waiting for me. I’m just hopeless.

Nikki…I suffer from the same syndrome…

Oh, yeah, it’s an epidemic around here.

Me too! :cheering: I just finished a sweater earlier today for my gd. Now I’m knitting a handbag with Noro yarn and then found myself looking thru lace patterns!! I made myself put it back :rollseyes: until I’m done with the bag. I also have my “on going” Best Friends Jacket (from Sally Melville’s first book) that I’m working on in between these projects.

I don’t want a lot of UFO’s so I really do make myself finish one before I start another one or two projects. :wink:

I would wish for that many hands also. But so I could wash dishes, be on computer, knit, and fold laundry at the same time. :lol:

My knitter’s ADD has morphed into crafters ADD!

I have 5 projects OTN, plus three actively on the sewing machine, and plans for full-size quilt. :rollseyes:

I had to FORCE myself not to buy fabric for the quilt today - not until I get some of these projects done, I say! Somebody stop me!

No help here! This place is just a bunch of enablers! :devil:

I’m in great company I see! Glad to know it’s a widespread feeling and I’m not an isolated case.

I wish I did not have to work to support my knitting addiction. I wish for more time to knit. And yes, more hands would be an asset as well!

I am grateful for a husband who supports and enables my addiction, especially when he is a beneficiary of said project.

I’m with knitterma, I jump between knitting, sewing, crocheting and so many other odds and ends crafts that I can’t get anything done!
Thanks to the MD Sheep and Wool fest, I’ve got a needle felting kit that I cannot touch (according to DH) until I finish my bag and the special project that are currently OTN. And I’m wanting to learn rug hooking. Too bad I have fabric for two pairs of pj pants to make, along with a skirt, and a knitting needle case (as if they would stay in there long enough to warrant it - but that’s beside the point :lol: ) Oh, and the crocheted snowflake afghan for my mom for Christmas. Not to mention the sock yarn, and all kinds of wool for all the felted bags I have lined up, waiting for the next set of available needles! I squeeze it in as much as I can, but I usually only get to knit at lunchtime at work during the week. We head to WV almost every other weekend, so the 4 1/2 hr car ride is when I get the most knitting in, but that’s just not enough for me!