If anyone can tell me whats wrong with this pattern I will paypal you $5. The first person to tell me what's wrong gets $5.

Well the first person who gets it right will get the $5.

Well, for starters, the pattern doesn’t say to do the seed stitch edging before beginning the brioche ribbing lol.
I haven’t read any further than that yet lol, is there a specific problem that someone here can maybe help you with ?

I know what’s wrong with it. It’s not the seed stitch. I hope someone gets it.

Ankle length, size medium to large, but “'Length to Shoulder 100 cm 39 ¼ inch.”
Bottom band is 3.5" b
Hmm, that model most be 5’ 5" at most.
Is that med. to large?

But then my wife is 6’1" (186 cm)

Nope keep trying. I can’t believe no one sees it

I’ll give you a clue. Think about the steps involved when making a garment.

There is a step missing.

Well, I have never made a garment in pieces. So now you have given it away.


After the sleeves are done it says, join front to back at shoulders.
Next pickup and knit hood, then seam hood.
Seam sides.
Pick up and knit bottom band.
Knit front band then sew on.

It never says how or when to attach the sleeves.

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You win! Send me your email.

I see no belt or buttons. How do you keep it closed? I did not see OffJumpsJack’s post. I am glad the mystery is solved.

I have a few cardigans with no belt/buttons because they’re intended to be worn open. Let’s call it built in air conditioning! :grin:

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Not all cardigans close.