If a pattern says k4p1

Does it mean knit four, the purl one stitch wise, or row wise? O.o

I’m following a little pattern online and I’m sick, so I’m not quite thinking clearly haha. Thanks for the help in advance!


In case anybody was interested, that’s the pattern.

It’s k4, p1 along the needles or along the round (not up the rows). Hope you feel better. Ther pumpking is adorable.

Do you know how to purl? Just do what the pattern says. It says k4p1 for 25 rows so knit the first 4 stitches, then purl the next stitch and do that around the pumpkin. It’s not critical because well, it’s a pumpkin, but you can keep track of rows with a pencil and paper.

That refers to sts, not rows. K 4 sts, p1 stitch, then repeat around.