If a pattern calls for this needle

• 4 double-pointed or circular needles,
US #9

I have denises and I know what #9 means but how do you know what length of cord to use? Is it based on what you cast on?

I was looking at doing http://slumberland.org/patterns/warm_cable_armwarmers.pdf

For something like that you’ll need the smallest diameter possible…the one really short one in the denises won’t work and I think the next size up would be too big. The stitches might get way too tight. I would use dpns or 2 cirs for something that small. Amy has a video on how to knit sm diameter w/2 circs. you can put 9’s on the right side of each cord and 8’s on the left to do it with denises.

Or…just use dpn’s

Well to me DPN tells me… small diameter knitting…

If you like it, I would use the magic loop (my favorite)… or grab DPN’s… but the magic loop method would work just as well.

Yeah…I dont see how 32 sts would fit all the way around ANY circ…you’d have to use ML or 2 circs. Both of those methods require at least 24" circs. If you have the DPNs, use those.

Thanks Everyone!!!

I’ve never used DPNs - here’s my chance I guess!!

I have no idea what Magic Loop is - luckilly I can google! :shock:

I so very much appreciate the help - Being new - I have no idea about anything… well anything about knitting

magic loop: http://webdesignsbybarb.com/tostetoes/twosocksoneneedletoeup.htm

this one shows socks, but it still applies. Also Amy has a video of using 2 circs and after trying that first, the magic loop was no big deal.

Thank you so much for the links!

I :heart: your red hat!!!

Amy also has a magic loop video! (advanced techniques page)

Thanks JG! Its just now finally cold enough to wear it!

Mer–OH…I didn’t know amy had a magic loop video! Is that relatively new?

I’m not sure if amy’s video is too new–I know I used it to learn a few months ago!

:doh: It seemed like when I first looked at doing small diameter (quite a while back) the only one she had was the 2 cirs…maybe I just missed it though.