Ieland Mists Hat pattern

Help please
Does anyone have Flor’s Ireland Mists Hat Pattern chart. The link does not work. Have the general instructions but not the chart.

Well, I just did a Yahoo search and came up with 3 sites. 2 were book? sites the other was a gal with a blog and she’s done a hat like that and she accepts comments. She’s also got Flor’s site info but when I tried it it said I couldn’t access it. :thinking:
So you can try and get a hold of her. Maybe she can help you?
Scroll down a bit and you’ll see the info.

Many thanks for that. I had the first bit of the instructions but not the chart.
Have been in the Algarve, southern Portugal for a week so did not go online.
Taught my daughter to knit next to the pool. Perfect knitting weather this time of year. - finished a project so can launch into the Ireland Mists Hat now
Thanks again.