Idog Outfit

I can’t believe I actually did this!!! I’m a rusty newbie knitter and recently picked up the addiction again after setting down my needle for 5+ years…

DD (5y, in pic) got an IDog for her birthday last November, and she asked me to knit “Pinky” a hat & scarf set like those she’d seen in the store (but to which I kept saying no to buying). So…I let her pick the yarn (bright w/a silver glittery thread and some small beads) and I took on the challenge. I googled and couldn’t find a pattern, so I made a swatch and just kinda winged it – it turned out pretty good I think – and best of all, DD :heart: LOVES it!!

So funny! Welcome back to knitting. :slight_smile: Is that your daughter in the pic? She’s a beautiful little girl!

Aww! That is cute!

awwww thats sooo cute!!! i guess knitting is like a riding a bicycle…you never forget!!

What a nice mommy! It came out so pretty and DD is adorable!

That’s such a cool idea :roflhard: It looks awsome :slight_smile:

That is adorable!!

How cute!!! You did a GREAT job!! :cheering: