Identifying a very strange stitch

I knitted a jumper for my husband about 40 years ago. It is now too small and I have undone it but cannot identify the stitch! On one side it looks a bit like a Honeycomb brioche but the other looks more like fisherman’s rib. Does anyone recognise this stitch? I think it may originally have come from a Norwegian or Guernsey type pattern.

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Do you have any photos? It sounds interesting, at least.

Nobody recognises the stitch. It has got everybody intrigued but also very frustrated.

Yes I do. Can I put them on the forum?


I might have found it, but I don’t know the name - the one I’m looking at is called Pattern 14 in a book called 50 Shades of Stitches, by Marina Molo. The photos are almost identical! Not sure if I’m allowed to post the instructions because of copyright but think the book can be bought quite cheaply. Hope that helps if nobody else can provide a stitch pattern name!

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Thank you.
Oh that would almost be too good to be true. I’ll see if I can find the book and have a look. Is it possible just to put up 2 rows?

Which volume? She seems to have written a few volumes!

Mine says volume 1 on the spine :slight_smile: also has the tag line Popular Ribbing on the front, if that helps! It’s a 2 row pattern with a lengthy explanation for the bind off. It would probably be too much to post but glad I could point you in a promising direction lol.

I have had a look at the picture. It just seems to be Fisherman’s rib which is what it is on the reverse of mine but the front is totally different with, I think, knitting stitch below to get the wave effect!

That’s a shame, maybe someone else can come up with something? Hope so, I hate mysteries lol.

still trying to figure it out …making my research

That would be great if somebody finds it. Myself and friends have been looking for months and months but can’t get close. It’s because the reverse looks like fisherman’s rib but the front looks a bit like honeycomb brioche.

Someone has identified it but can’t find the post to thank them! They identified it as stockinette brioche. :smile:I have, after hours of researching the ‘stitches’, unravelling the whole lot every time I went wrong, managed to successfully knit a sample of it and it is the same! I am so pleased so if one of you identified it, thank you. I would love to find out who it was but cannot find where the post came from! :thinking:
Stockinette brioche stitch