Identifying a Stitch

Hi, I’m new here, but I’ve been getting pretty proficient at knitting. With that being said, now all of my friends want knitted attire! This scarf in particular has been asked for, but I’m not sure if it is knitted or crocheted, and what the stitch is called… I would adore some help, or even a pattern if anyone knew of one!

It’s a ribbed knit stitch that uses slipped stitches and is probably reversible. You could work over a multiple of 4sts + 1. I think
row 1 repeat (Sl1, k, p, k) ending sl1
row 2 rrepeat (p, k, sl1, k) ending p1
will give you something close. The neck warmer in the picture is worked with 2 strands of yarn held together.

No it’s actually a brioche or Fishermans rib - you can tell by the diagonal lines on some of the sts. Brioche uses a sl st and yo in combination that are knit togethehr on the next row, Fisherman’s uses a knit one below st with a p1 combination.