Identify this stitch!

Could someone help me identify this stitch? I believe it’s crochet, but not 100% sure. Thanks!!!

Where did you find it? It’s hard for me to tell anything by looking because the pictures are pretty small.

It looks like a post treble crochet or a post double crochet, If it was a close up I could tell you for sure.

I’ve recently seen a tutorial for a hat using a stitch called Jacob’s Ladder. It could be this. Again,hard to see. But I suspect this is a multiple of three plus one with the last stitch being a FP. A front post double crochet followed by two back post double crochets and the pattern is repeated. I don’t think it’s anything difficult.

It is hard to tell from the picture, but it doesn’t look like those stitches are double crochets to me. If anything, it looks like single crochets that are worked ON TOP of an existing fabric.

More information about where you found these stitches would be helpful–along with a larger image if possible!

         Really?  I have never heard of sc worked over a completed project. How would that work? Especially since the sc are worked vertically....To me this project looks "factory made"

I have double and treble crocheted over pillows to give them more of a homemade look, but I am almost positive that this is front post double crochet on one line, then back post on the next.

Yes, I’ve seen pillows (and even made some) that had crochet stitches worked on top of crocheted fabric. Basically, you work the stitches with the crochet hook on top and the working yarn underneath, and you’re pulling the yarn up to form your stitches.

These from [I]Crochet! Magazine[/I] are worked in this way:

That/those pillow projects look like a “chain” stitch over the finished product…which I have done over a “completed” project…

It might be one of the Tunisian crochet stitches.


If it is crochet and it is handmade, the Tunisian looks like it might be right. I think you may have found it, Judy.
I wish the OP would let us know if it’s been IDed or is there more info that might help.

Awww yes, I forgot Tunisian/Afghan Stitch…yep, it’s looking a little like that…I am still thinking “machine” made…:hug:

Yeah, it just doesn’t have the look of hand work work to me.

Thank you for all your responses! Here’s where I saw it:

Here is the website where I found it:

It looks similar to a project I just finished. This is a winter headband. The stitch is the Camel Stitch. It’s supposed to be done in single crochet, but I did mine in a half double. Yours might be a Camel Stitch done in double or treble crochet.

Quote from the Ambika site:

“Each Bikini is custom made, so please allow 2-4 weeks for it to be hand crocheted and mailed to you.”


Wow lovely…I know what kind of stiches on the sides…NONE :roflhard:

I found a better photo! Definitely looks like the post-type of crochet. Do you think it’s alternating post front and then back? Thank you!!

I don’t think it looks like alternating fp and bp but the only way to tell for sure would be to get your hook and yarn out and give it a test drive IMHO.