Identify stitch

hi everyone
could anyone help me identify the stitch pattern in the attached photo of a cardinal?I’ve tried broken rib,mock rib,fisherman’s,half fisherman’s and lots more besides.none look like the picture.I’m new to knitting so can’t work it out myself.I need to know how to do it too.any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m tearing my hair out by the roots!

Could it be thermal stitch? The picture is small for me to really get a good look.

If it’s machine knit it might not be easily duplicated in a hand knit, but you should be able to come pretty close.

thanks for replying.its not quite thermal,but I see what you.mean.hear in the UK many commercially available sweaters,cardigans,scarves etc use this pattern,and it’s usually referred to as waffle knit,but it doesn’t look like any waffle tutorials I’ve was very popular in the 60s

It looks like one of the variations on brioche stitch to me. Maybe a purl brioche would come close?