Identify stitch

Hi does anyone know what stitch makes this hat? I think it’s knit 1 purl 1 but for some reason it looks different when I make a sample! Also if I make a knit 1 purl 1 it won’t look the same on the opposite side where it rolls…correct? I know this should be simple but I’m coming up empty! I realize the picture is slightly blurry so I hope you can tell what it is. Any help will be appreciated! Thank you

It looks like it would be a stockinette stitch, which is just one row of all knit stitches, then another row all purls. Alternate between the two rows to get this stitch. It should also roll a little bit from where you started knitting, and if you want you can roll it more with your hands. (this stitch also rolls on the sides so don’t be surprised when that happens)

Thank you! I will try that…I think it must be a larger yarn than I’m used to. My husband saw the hat and asked if I’d make him one but I couldn’t figure it out ! Haha :laughing:

Be careful though!! If u will be knitting this hat in the round, then you will do the knit stitch for every row.

It makes a difference.

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