Identify increase rows & getting extra stitch from purl


Fairly new knitter here, I’m trying to knit this lovely shawl.

I’m stuck on the 8th row instruction.
8th row: As 2nd row.
Rep 5th to 8th rows to form Eyelet Pat and
4 sets of increase rows.

Referring to the pattern instruction.
‘As 2nd row’ - meaning its knit 1, then purl till last stitch, knit 1
‘Rep 5th to 8th rows’ - pretty straight forward
‘4 sets of increase rows’- what number is the increase rows? 1st - 8th row? and 4 times of this set?


The increase rows are 1,3,5 and 7. Since the repeat is rows 5-8, the increase rows in question are 5 and 7. If you repeat rows 5-8 four times, that should be 4 sets of increase rows.
The “4 sets” is a bit vague but I read it as 4 pairs of increase rows.
Thanks so much for the pattern link. It’s very helpful.


Thanks for the advise. All working good now :slight_smile: