I’m a beginner knitterand was given natural hand spun DK wool. It’s a beautiful cream color and I have about 250 yards. It’s kind of special yarn and I’m looking for some ideas if what to do with it. Thanks!

Why not look around for patterns for hats, mitts or something small like that that uses about the yardage you have. If you’re really beginning to knit, you might try knitting the pattern with a commercial yarn first. Then if you like the looks of it (and with the extra experience) go ahead with your lovely handspun. Lucky you!

There are a whole bunch of patterns on Ravelry that fit your basic criteria. Some may be too hard and some could be misfiled so check that out, too. The yardage range went up to 300 though so you’ll need to look through ones you’re interested in. I’d lean toward ones in the 200 yds or less range just in case.