Ideas Please

I don’t know if this is the best place to post this, but here goes.

I knit jumpers for Mary Maxim dolls, which are then displayed for sale in the charity shop where I volunteer. Up to now I have used one colour at a time - or variegated - but recently I found some purple and some lemon yarn which looked nice together and thought I would knit a jumper in stripes. However, the pattern consists of a mix of ribbing and stockinette stitch and I soon discovered that horizontal stripes don’t work well with ribbing. I gave up the idea and started knitting the thing in one colour. When I was half way through the pattern, I had another think about it and thought maybe I could do something with the two colours together.

I have some ideas in my head, but can’t decide which would be best.
Here they are - tell me what you think.

Ribbing one colour, stockinette the other.

Ribbing one colour, stockinette the same, but with 4 rows of stockinette in other colour.

Ribbing one colour, stockinette the same, but with 4 rows of garter stitch in other colour.

Ribbing one colour, stockinette the other colour, but with 4 rows of stockinette/garter in the same colour as the ribbing.

Vertical striping throughout.

Vertical striping in the ribbed sections only.

Any other ideas gratefully received.



Sure, those sound great! One nice thing about stuff like this is you can play around and you learn a lot in the process. That’s the way I knit hats (charity) and I enjoy it!

Do you have a picture of the dress you knit? It might be easier to give you ideas if we can visualize.

I like the ways you want to use color too. Easier to avoid stripes in the ribbing, I think but the others sound cute. You could really give this doll a wardrobe of sweaters or dresses.
What size doll are you using?

Jan, this is the first jumper I made with this pattern:

It doesn’t show the whole jumper very clearly, but if you Google Fish and Chip Baby jumpers, you’ll get a better idea. There is a band of ribbing, followed by a band of stockinette, followed by a band of ribbing. I have done the ribbing in purple and am working on the stockinette in lemon, but realize I’m going to have problems when I change to ribbing again. I’ll make the big decision on what to do when I get there, but on Googling I have found 2 solutions - simply knit the changing row or bring the stitch up from the previous row and knit it together with the one on the needle.

Salmonmac, I might take up your idea of knitting a number of jumpers using a different variety of colour combinations . We basically just like our dolls to be dressed when on display for sale in the shop and for some reason these particular dolls come in the altogether.


Those look great. If you want more ideas, I would suggest going on Ravelry and doing a pattern search for “striped doll clothes”. You could probably get all kinds of ideas there.