Ideas for some yarn I bought?

I’m hoping for some inspiration for this yarn I bought. It’s chunky, requiring a size 11 needle, and it’s a t-shirt material. I bought 2 balls, 55 yards each, dark blue. I’d like to use it for a small project, but I’m stumped. I’ve never worked with this kind of material before. I thought of making a pot holder, or maybe hand warmers? Any thoughts? Thanks.

An infinity scarf.

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Now there’s a thought, I’ve never made one before! Thank you, Metylda. I love this t-shirty material.

Can you share a pic of it?

I wish I could, but I don’t know how to do that. My boyfriend does but he’s away for a few days. I’m not a very techy person! : )

No worries.

You can post photos by clicking the up arrow at the top center of the text box that opens when you compose a post.
Your yarn sounds wonderfully soft. I searched on Ravelry for some ideas that would work with 110 yards.
There are a few cowls mixed in with the hats. Of course, you could always add in another yarn of similar weight to give more options.

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Thank you, salmonmac. I do see a few patterns that I’d like to make. And yes, this yarn is incredibly soft! Very pleasant to work with. I have mostly acrylic yarn, so this is a nice change. What a difference : )

How about baskets? they are fast and easy.

In addition to what was suggested…

Can cozies

Head bands

Thanks, Jan and Kelly. By the way Kelly, I didn’t know one could knit baskets. Fascinating! So far I knitted a pair of slippers.

If you type the name of the yarn into Ravelry it should come up with suggestions :slight_smile:

I never knew that Evie. Thanks!

Thanks Evie I’ll have to check that out!

Honestly, Ravelry is utterly amazing!

I don’t go there enough, I’ll start checking it out more. : )

Sorry I have not kept up I fell in Feb and broke my arm so haven’t been knitting

Oh, what a shame. How are you managing (other than not knitting)? Hope that the bones are busy “knitting together” as they say and that you’ll be back to your projects soon.

Kelly sorry to hear about your arm sweetheart, I wish you a healthy recovery.

Me Too this has been the longest time ever!!!