Ideas for Neckline

Trying to design a little baby bunting and I am getting a little frustrated with the neckline.

I want to do a somewhat fitted square neck hole with a keyhole slit and single tie at the top of the slit.

Was planning to do the edging of the slit and the vertical edging of the neck hole as a selvedge edge, with the horizontal edges as castoff edges. I want all the neckline edges to be soft and smooth (so garter selvedge, for ex, is out).

But my problem is I am having a hard time figuring out a selvedge and a bind off that “match” well.

Any (simple) ideas that would look acceptable and be comfy? Or would it be simpler to do some kind of added on edging? This was already a kind of ambitious project, and while I remain confident, this bit has been making my head hurt a little. :slight_smile:

If my description makes inadequate sense to you all I can try taking pics of my sketches/samples (such as they are) but i havent yet tried to learn how to post photos on here…

One idea is an i-cord edge. I’m not sure how easily that would work with a squared neck but you could give that a try.

I do like the icord edge idea, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work with this particular thing.

I thought I’d share an update: Here’s what I ended up doing

The vertical edges of the slit and the sides of the neckline are just a chain selvedge and the front is a K2tog castoff (turning the stitches before working so they don’t twist) on one side and a mirror image P2together on the other, with another K2tog cast off at the back of neck. Nothing fancy, but I’m happy with the resulting overall look and it was simple enough to do that my beginner-level abilities weren’t totally overwhelmed and I was able to have a little fun with it. :slight_smile: Not 100% sure how the fit will work out, but definitely a valuable learning experience irregardless.

Now just need a baby to try it out on, (which my wife and I are expecting in a couple more months)!

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You worked this out beautifully. Well done.
Congratulations on the soon-to-arrive baby! That’s wonderful news. You’ll have the perfect model for this adorable sweater.

wow its so beautiful, good work :grinning::+1:

Very well done!! And congratulations :grin:

Thanks, all! :):slightly_smiling_face: