Ideas for modifying Broad Str Mittens?

Next in my knitting queue are these Broad Street Mittens.

I want them to be on the luxurious side so I got this yummy yarn (30% silk), pic below. (oh my gosh I love this yarn!!) :inlove:

So, my problem is that I think the button loop at the top of the mitten is a bit inelegant looking and I am trying to come up with an alternative. Something that would get the job done but be more subtle in appearance, more elegant,…?

Any ideas?


IMHO it’s more about the button than the button loop-- with that beautiful yarn, if you had a very sparkly button, that would bling it up, if you know what I mean, and I think the loop won’t be an issue. I mean, it wouldn’t be for me:) . But whatever you do, with that yarn, they’re going to gorgeous!

OK, I’m not an expert by any means… but what about if you put a little yarn over at the tip near the loop… then when you have the mitten tops on, you could tuck the loop inside, and when you need it you could pull it out?

Abbily, I think that suggestion qualifies you as an expert-- terrific!