Ideas for leftovers

Hi all,

I’m not sure how to search this site…because I’d bet someone has posted about this before but…

What little projects do you like to make with your left over yarn. Less than a ball/skein? I’m trying to be frugal in my knitting but also want to enjoy and use what I’ve made.

I have a little bit of super bulky, a bunch of fingering weight baby pastel, some worsted weight in a dark changing color, some really cheapo stuff that’s different blues and white.


Thanks all!!

i stripey baby blanket double up the the thin yarn to make it all same guage, you never know when you need a baby gift

You can always make charity hats with leftovers. Either chemo or preemie/baby hats. Baby socks, too. Animal shelters and catteries also will take small blankets for their animals.

There are a couple threads at the top of the ‘Patern Central’ forum with stash-buster ideas.

You can give it to a quilter, to use to tie quilts. People often use 2 or 3 matching colors for a quilt project, and it’s a great use of leftover yarn. I do hats on a loom sometimes, although that’s not my favorite thing to do.

Knit squares (for yourself, Warm Up America, Project Linus…) If you don’t need the WUA size, dishcloth patterns make nice afghan squares.

Coin purses

Fingerless gloves (I use the cell phone cover pattern from REd HEart, but move a couple of stitches from one end to the other to make the seam go down the side instead of center back)

Baby booties and hats

Can cozies, if you like those

Or you can learn to crochet:D…if you do both, it opens up a whiole lot of projects.

I came across this pattern last night…


I second the finerless gloves idea. I’ve made 2 pair, one with about 100 yds worsted, and one with about 50 yds bulky.

Lately I took all of my leftover yarn and made pom-poms out of it. Then I knit a circular base and sewed them onto it. It is a really soft rug, and I think it is kind of fun to look at the individual pom-poms and remember what projects I made with the yarn.

What a great idea! I would love to see a picture of that.

Dishcloths are so easy and quick to knit and can be made in almost any type of yarn.Knit squares for baby blankets. Making soft toys and finger puppets can be a fun subject too.

The LOG CABIN afghan…some call it the LOG CABIN STASHGHAN!

The concept is found in the Mason-Dixonknitting book. Lots of project ideas in this book using odds ‘n’ ends yarn.