Ideas for complimentary yarn?

So I bought some of this mango moon yarn in Aqua, but I didn’t release it was carry-along weight. I only have one hank. Does anyone know of any yarn that is similarly colored that I could use it with? It’s sooo stretchy to use by itself!

Thanks! :muah:

I think what you want to make with it might determine what other yarn you should use. Any ideas for a project yet?

Since I only have one skein I was thinking a scarf. I want to make a gift for my mother, and she isn’t really a hat or armwarmer type of person. I personally think everyone should be an armwarmer type of person! :teehee:

If you want to stay with the same color, Cascade 220 has a lot of blues around that color. I think it would look good with a cream or white yarn too though.

Thanks! I’ve never knit 2 different yarns together so this will be an adventure! Plus, I read on one website that the Mango Moon yarn practically disappears into the knitting so I wasn’t sure what to choose!

If that is the case, it might be nice to do a contrasting color so you can see a bit of the Mango Moon yarn.

I’m thinking a creamy white would be nice… dreams of it <— they need an emoticon for that!

one more thing: Should I choose a certain weight of yarn? Oh so many choices!!! :blooby:

Just a suggestion… since you are already thinking scarf, why not use the pattern found in Mason Dixon knitting for the decayed tutu scarf?

I don’t have the book but I adapted the pattern to suit my own taste and stash limitation.

The concept is that you knit using the thin, stretchy yarn and ribbon together, on large size 13-15 needles (use long needles or circulars)
The result is a airy, lacy beautiful effect with limited stretch due to the ribbon.

The pattern I adapted:

Knit 2 rows, with yarn and ribbon together.
*Drop the ribbon and knit 2 rows with just yarn
On the last stitch of the 4th row, carry the ribbon up the side and knit it into that one stitch and drop it again.
Knit 2 more rows
Pick up the ribbon, and knit one row across with both ribbon and yarn together.
Repeat from *

When scarf is desired length, knit the last 2 rows and cast off.

I’ll see if I can find a pic from the Mason Dixon book online, but the scarf is really beautiful.

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I can’t help it, my first thought was, "Yarn that would keep telling you how much better you are knitting now and that you are doing such a good job on ___________"

Man, I would like yarn like that! :teehee:

And that scarf from Mason-Dixon looks really neat!!! Now I have to decide on ribbon yarn?? I’ve never knit with it before! :shock:

See, I came in totally thinking I was going to get tips on where to find free yarn! :rofling: