Ideas for a boy?

My best friend has 3 kids, two girls and a boy. I’ve found so many projects that I want to make for her girls, Elizabeth and Sarah (almost 2 and 5 respectively) but I don’t want to start any projects without having something to make for her son, Anthony, who just turned 7 I believe.

He’s a cute, spunky little kid that probably has a crush on me. I love him to death. His father is a manly man though… and I’m afraid to make him little stuffed animals or anything that might be considered “girly”.

Do you guys have any ideas for a simple project for a little boy? It can be knit or crochet… I’m not picky. Just keep in mind that I’m still new to knitting, so it would have to be something relatively easy…


How about wrist warmers, fingerless gloves or what I am attempting for my nephew (6) convertible mittens? How about some scarfs and hats that cordinate? I know my nephew would love that, but then again he actually enjoys clothes as gifts.

You could get some camoflauge yarn and make a raglan sweater, they’re very easy.

We don’t have the name here…hacky sack…did I spell it correctly? But I saw some sweet coloured ones the other day someone had knitted and filled with bean bag beans or similar. Perhaps a set of them which you could make like throw balls or even ‘his’ special ones for juggling? (if you were looking for something different than a stuffed toy). Or yes, a hat or scarf in his favourite team colours?

Susan P.: OOh… good idea about the hacky sacks. He just mentioned to me the other day about learning how to juggle :slight_smile:

Sounds like a plan Liss! :slight_smile: Make them nice and firm…but not enough to bonk a nose too hard if they fall :lol:

I don’t belong to Lion Brand so I couldn’t see the pattern but here is one:


This next one looked a bit experimental. Lion Brand seemed to suggest they had a range (I put in “hacky sack knitting patterns” into a google search):


That search also uncovered some crochet patterns for the same item too.

I’m making a sweater for my 7 yo nephew (he requested red). There are some good patterns for boys that aren’t too hard. Mittens would have been a good choice, too, but they live in Texas and don’t need them that often.

I think i’m going to make him the lionbrand juggling balls… those are so adorable… and a great way for me to learn to change colors :smiley:


cftwo: I should probably make him a sweater… he’s so skinny that he can probably use the extra warmth. But alas, it is summer, and I have an incredibly short attention span… And can’t quite knit in the round yet :stuck_out_tongue: