Ideas for a beginner on what to make with Cascade 220 Wool

I have 3 skeins (2 green, 1 pink) of Peruvian Highland Wool 100%. I’d like to find an easy pattern to practice on (not dishcloths!).

Does anyone know of a nice beginner pattern I could use for this yarn?


felted tote bag… google booga bag!!

I made a kitchen sink bag with mine. You could make the small one. It is felted. It is actually my first FO that wasn’t a scarf or slipper.

I would make a small bag or a purse. That yarn should felt up really nicely. If you do a search on the finished objects forum you will see a range of made bags etc. You may see one you’d like to try.

I’m getting ready to start this pattern:
Sophie bag
It suggests that yarn and seems perfect for us beginners.

I agree about a felted bag or purse! Cascade 220 felts very nicely! Here’s a few ideas;

This is probably the most popular bag ever.

This is made with a different yarn, but I think it’s cute.

This is a simple one, too.

Jan…Yes…gosh…now THAT first bag would go in a knitting museum for sure.

The last link is a one colour item and that may be a superb start with just some pink here and there for variation katrs5. The twisted handle gives it a lift but you could make a plain handle. Perhaps a pink stripe down the middle of the green.

It was my second felted bag and I made it in pink and black. Note to anyone who makes it…make sure the handle is twisted tight enough. Mine looks fine here, but it’s kind of untwisted now. I’ve heard that if it’s too tight though it can also be a problem. I think if I do this one again I’d do a different handle. :think:

I recall you showing that on the FO forum. It’s really lovely. Colour choice to is an art unto itself. I’ve sometimes used lighter yarns to contrast and then found them ‘lost’ in the darker colour. Your highlight being dark worked very well.

I’m going to start the magknits one, like the picture that Jan shared. Thanks so much to everyone for all the suggestions!

Have you considered a hat or scarf? That was my first proect, and it went really well. Plus the wool is so nice and warm, you could make a matching set.

I just finished the Fiber trend clogs out of cascade 220. I think the clogs look best with 2 colors - just about any 2 colors work!

I just googled those clogs - very nice. I never thought of making something like that. I’m adding it to my list.

Also - I’m working on a hat right now, so I should make a scarf to match prolly. Thanks everyone again!