Ideal knitting Bag

Describe your ideal knitting bag. I would want one that is easy to carry, not too long and yet deep enough for my needles, and has pockets for all the little things you need to bring-along, scissors, measuring tape etc. :smiley:

i find that i have many many knitting bags. i have a bunch of handbags and totes anyway and i use them all, even occasionally, as a knitting bag. it almost entirely depends on what project i am working on, as well as where i am going (if anywhere) and how long i’ll be. so, i’ll describe my main uses for my more popular choices…

  1. the all inclusive: i have this pretty big tote, made out of recycled detergent containers (a kind of capri sun material). it is ver boxy, rigid and sturdy. in a corner of it there is a diagonal divider. i think it is intended to protect a wine bottle. i have put down inside of it a box that a bottle of scotch came in and in that i carry a whole bunch of needles, a pair of scissors and a metal ruler. i store a bunch of my rarely used ones in there, since it’s roomy. in the main (big) part of the bag i keep tons of yarn. not like seven skeins of identical yarn intended for a sweater or something, but about 5 gallon sized ziplock bags each with similar weight leftover yarns, novelty yarns that i just happened to buy, or what ever i pick up along the way. this way, i can pick a bag and have enough scraps of similar yarn to make something up, or just knit stripes to felt later. there is another smaller side pocket that has room enough for needle holders, a stitch counter, cable needles, finishing needles, etc. in yet another, even smaller pocket, i keep some buttons and beads, and a regular (hotel style) hand sewing kit. i can easily throw my most current project on top and my needle wrap down the side or replace the liquor box with. i use this for road trips, weekend trips to friends, car camping, etc. not suitable to bring on an airplane or anytime you have to carry much. i end up with this one often when i’m going to be away for a couple days and am about to finsih up my current project and think i might want to start something else before i return home… (but am not so sure what yet)

  2. hobo bag. i have a suede hobo bag that i got at the gap about a hundred years ago. it has a shape that is very popular with knitting bags i see at yarn shops, the kind with the round bamboo handles (though mine are longer and leather) i use it as a regular handbag too, but when open it has two equal sides -so knitting project goes in one side and my otherwise minimal neccesaties go in the other. it is also big enough if i have a pattern book to slide into it. the coolest thing about this is that it has these two outside pockets -like a kangaroo pocket- that is perfect for keeping a ball of yarn in so that it feeds yarn perfectly, but doesn’t comeout and drop to the ground. i can litterally walk down the street with this bag on my shoulder and knit at the same time.

  3. fishing basket. i like to use fishing baskets with lids at home or at a knitting club for the same reason as above, except they sit nicely beside you on the floor. i keep a tupperware or chinese food carton with a different ball of yarn within each, inside of the fishing basket and feed various yarns out of the corners of the basket. i keep another little plastic wallet-thing i have with smaller notions in there too. also good in the car.

  4. the needle wrap. this for all of my straight needles and the denise interchangeable kit for all of my circulars. easy storage and portable and slips into most of the other bags.

  5. travel bag. i like to use a messanger bag. mine is a black, flimsy (by this i mean, not heavy or “high-tech”) lined, felt bag, that is pretty non-descript. i keep meaning to embroider it or make a felt coat pin for it. i got it at urban outfitters about the same time i got the gap hobo bag. like messanger bags are wont to do, this one has two large main compartments one of which i can typically store up to 7 skeins of bulky yarn (it’ll be sorta stuffed, but not overly). in the compartment behind it i’ll have a pattern book or two -whatever i am currently obsessing over or have just purchased- loose patterns and/or a zine or more. the front part, that flaps over, is itself a large zippered pocket. in it go needles, notions, etc. the back, too is a large zippered pocket, on the outside and i’ll keep this free for my wallet, cell, etc. if i’m not carrying a separate handbag (which i don’t like to do so much). my needle wrap will fit into the 2nd internal compartment that i keep books and patterns in, but the denise interchangeable kit i’d keep in this outside back, zippered pocket. too heavy for the flap pocket.

hope my over-explanation is interesting to you!

I’ve been wondering about this, too, and searching for something that doesn’t cost a mint. I like the Jodana Paige purse, but it’s expensive, IMHO.

SO…I decided to make my own! I have ordered the My Constant Companion pattern and a couple of KnitKit’s other bags. I plan to put in pockets where I want them and hopefully I’ll end up with perfect large, small and medium knitting bags!

My issue isn’t the bag so much as the other stuff. I hunted high and low for THE knitting bag. I found one in a skater store of all places. It’s just a pink canvas tote bag. I do wish it had a pocket but between the small cosmetic bag I use for notions and my needle case I can live without it.

I had posted an IMO q about Jordana Paige’s bag a few weeks back


and almost bought one, but since then I found my perfect knit purse for almost 1/4 of the cost of the JP bag

Click here to see :smiley:

plus I have converted one of my Kate Spade Sam purses to a JP lookalike - I sewed up an accessory panel to wedge inside to hold my needles and secure my yarn skein, but I can also fit my wallet, a small cosmetics bag and a tin of mints very nicely.

AND - for those days when I need a bigger bag, I nabbed my husband’s yellow Old Navy nylon backpack that we bought for $3.99 last year on mad clearance. It has like 20 pockets that fit both straight & circs perfectly, plus scissors, a ruler and stitch holders, and I attached my little stitch marker bag to dangle off one of the straps.

For when I travel back and forth to work, I have (get this :stuck_out_tongue: ) a Hello Kitty purple lunch box to hold 1 or 2 balls of yarn, a pair of scissors, my circs, and a tapestry needle, plus my work in progress - right now it’s my current Kyoto sweater piece or a mohair neckwarmer.

WHEW! :shock:

I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect knitting bag! At the moment I use a different bag for each project, but basically they are plain paper shopping bags with handles.

Lucky for me here in Dublin paper bags are the norm as they charge for plastic ones.

But I’m dying to find the perfect bag that is both stylish (I take my knitting to work) and functional. So small pockets and long pockets along with a square base to sit properly would make a perfect bag. Oh, and no zippers, don’t want my wool catching on it!

I will find the bag eventually!

I want to design my own bag, but am waiting until I have more knitting experience and tools of the trade. It’s going to be felted and maybe silk lining in the pockets. Oh, I also need a sewing machine too before I start this project. :oops:

And I just ordered my 2nd JP bag this week LOL

I’m such a dork. :roflhard:

I also love my JP knitter’s purse. I just picked it up last week. Right now, it is my ideal knitting bag, although if it was slightly wider, it would be great.

Roxy, did you get free needles in your JP purse?

I have a few bags that are used as well.

My “main” bag is a large luggage bag on wheels, which has several pockets. On the outside pockets, I house in one, my circular needles (I came into a windfall of them, they were given to me instead of being tossed at a church flea market), the other my straight needles. In the small front pocket, my fabric scissors, and the large holds patterns etc. Inside the bag, it came with cardboard to hold the shape of the bag, so I left it in there and in smaller bags (the ones curtains come in…love those bags) I have my yarns, and any projects in work that I have set down for a time.

My second bag is the one I carry with me when I will be away from the house for a few hours and will need something to do. It is just a plain black tote that was a freebie when I bought shampoo at a hair salon once. In it I carry two knitting projects or one knitting project and a small cross stitch project, and whatever book I am reading at the time. (I have kept this wth me while I sat in the hospital with my SO’s father this week.) I can carry this on the plane easily when I fly as well (FYI…TSA is allowing knitting needles on the planes again, in case you didn’t know).

Last, I use the medium market basket from Longaberger if I will be on a trip for any length of time, and we are traveling by car. I keep the same things in it that I keep in the black tote, no less than two projects and a book.

I know these are pretty boring bags, but they serve my needs beautifully!!