I am fairly new knitter, with (so far) limited skills.

I have some yarn that my Mother-In-Law gave me when she moved (and hard to “clear out” a lot of stash before my father-in-law saw all she had stashed!)

I have 1 skein of a pretty pink/purple/blue/green acrylic worsted weight yarn that she left that I am dying to use, since it’s so pretty.

Any ideas? I only have the 1 skein and pretty limited skills so far…

I would love your suggestions and links to pattern!

Amy in AZ :slight_smile:

do you know the yards you have? or brand? that will help figure out a good pattern. you could make a nice hat or scarf…

Hiya Amy

If it were me, I would knit up some squares and then sew together a snug rug! they always come in handy and the colours sound brilliant.

Also, perhaps you could do some squares in garter stitch (knit only) and some in stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row).

I recently did some throw pillows for my bed in similar colours and I made up my own pattern :

Cast on 60 stitches

Row 1: K2 P2

Pow 2: P

and just repeat this pattern until you are happy with the shape, works great for rectangular and square pillows. I also use this pattern for a baby snug rug squares but only use 30 stitches and works on scarves too. Just use an even number of stitches.

Hope this gives you some ideas

Down Under

there’s also a few books out there with one skein projects; One Skein Wonders and One Skein; maybe you can check them out of the library?

Could you make a little purse for yourself?

Oooh! :cheering: I’ll have to look into those… I have a couple of other single skeins she left me as well (though I like the one I described the best).

(Our library’s selection is pretty sad… may just have to buy the books… how horrible! :lol:)

Know of any good (easy) patterns? is a good place to start. also, at the home page here,, is a tab with tons of links to free patterns. has tons of patterns too, though some may be above your skill level, if you are a very new beginner.

i think there’s also a sticky thread at the top of one of our forums here with links to favorite free pattern sites. (found it. it’s here:

the internet is your friend, when it comes to free patterns.

edited to add a link

hi Amy
The colors of that yarn sounds delightful!! their are a lot of patterns you could do with one ball of yarn see if you find any thing on this site that helps i like this site because i can choose projects by the size of the needle and you can always check your gauge first to make sure the yarn will work… happy knitting…:knitting: