Idea for swap?

Someone asked if it’s too late to join the New Years Swap (it is) but Nobones mentioned that ideas for the next one might be appreciated.

Now I’m just thinkin here but lemme know what y’all think about this one. The Great Valentines Stitch Marker Swap!

I’ve only been on this board for a few months now, and before that I’d never seen a stitch marker before! Now I’m hooked, and a bunch of you guys are sooooooo talented! I thought it’d be fun for a bunch of us to swap stitch markers. And not the usual one for one name swap, but say if each person makes 20 stitch markers and has 4 people’s names drawn, they’d send out 16 of their stitch markers (a set of 4 to each person) and then GET 4 separate SETS of stitch markers from 4 OTHER people. Does that sound cool? Sounds really cool in my head… Maybe that could be the one required thing and it’d be optional to do more, but I guess when it’s for more than 1 person that could get kinda complicated…

Anyhoo, just throwing that out there. Oh, and I don’t necessarily want to claim the “host” possition of this, I know there were a few people “next in line” so to speak, to do the hosting. If no one else wants to, I’d be glad to do so, but I don’t want to cut the line =] I’m okay with participating in whatever someone cooks up!

OH and while I was going to sleep I thought of the BEST idea for an in-person holiday season gift swap! Sorta like PollyAnna? Everyone brings a gift and puts it into a pile, we pick numbers to determine order of picking a gift off the table. Each next person to go picks a gift and can decide to take it or swap it, and can swap with any gift that’s already been opened. So, nobody really knows what they’re going home with until the end of the game. LOTS of fun! There’s usually a 5-10 dollar limit on those gifts. We could still do angels and pick the name of the one person we’re going to bring the forreal gift packs for. It’s a time for food and fun and conversation and lots and lots of gifts! If there’s a bunch of us in the same area (same state or city even) that might be fun. But I guess it’s always cheaper to fly packages across the country than fly ourselves, eh…?

Again, just throwing that out there for the NEXT holiday season. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be HOLIDAY season. That’s busy enough and crappy weather-- who says we can’t celebrate and exchange knitting gifts in May or July!

I do like the idea of a stitch marker swap. Sounds great. I don’t yet know how to make stitch markers, but I think this could work. :slight_smile:

I like the stitch marker swap too. There was a stitch marker swap on another blog, but I didn’t join in time. The participants were able to select how many people they wanted to swap with. I guess it’s up to the organizer(s) to decide how they want this swap to be run.

I have sssoooo many beads that could be made into potential markers. I think I’m more addicted to buying the beads, because I haven’t really made many markers, lol. Ahhh… I’m such a sucker for things on sale!

It’s pretty easy in theory, a bit more complex in practice! =] My hands are nimble but little pliers and little wire! tough to get it to do what you want hehe. It’s a lot of fun though!

Plus, on the bright side, even if they don’t work out too well as stitch markers, you could loop them onto hoops and make them earrings! xD

I love making stitch markers and like this idea.

I would like to be pointed in the right direction of where to learn to make stitch markers. Thanks

I think this is a great idea, I was hoping we would have one but wasnt brave enough to be a host during the school year so I didn’t say anything:teehee: I don’t think anyone would mind you being the hostess but good idea to through the idea out there first;) Anyway there is no rule set up by moderators saying one swap at a time so let there be many different swaps going that are hosted by many different people:) I would love to be a part of this however, I think we should all be required to only make 20 and I really wouldn’t include the option to swap with more than 4 or 5 people because than it can get to confusing for the hostess and the swappers:eyes: So I would set a standard set of rules for everyone to abide by makes for a less confusing and fun atmosphere for a stitch marker swap:wink:

some ideas:

-Like maybe must make 5 sets (20 stitch markers all together) 4 stitch markers to a set and include a card or note telling who they were from.

-Sets must match( like 4 of the same) because some people do not like them mismatched however I personally could care less:teehee:

-deadlines in place like other swaps

-Also I dont think mailing something so small and light will be a money problem when shipping internationally so seems we wouldn’t have a problem there.

I hope you don’t mind my input…This swap sounds great :woot: I am so excited already!

Good ideas knitpixie :slight_smile:

Great suggestions!

Is there anyone here who’s good at making stitch markers and who is also willing to post up a brief, basic how-to picture tutorial? I think I got the basic concept, I just sort of reverse engineered it from pictures I saw up here.

Also, is there anyone that would like to take the reigns on this swap? My spring semester just started up so if there’s someone who’s been wanting to coordinate I’d be happy to step aside, but if no one does I would also happily lead this swap. I’d be glad to just be a participant or to coordinate, I love pretty stitchmarkers!

So when is the possible time frame for this swap? I am very excited to begin lol:happydance: Maybe a valentines day stitch marker swap?

LoL I dunno, that was gonna be my next question!

I initially said Valentines Day because well, it’s the next big “holiday” and I think someone else was asking about a Valentines swap, maybe it leaked into my brain that way. But Valentines is a pretty arbitrary time limit, we could extend it to the end of Feb or whatever. It takes less time than knitting something or coordinating an entire package for a specific person, but I dunno if people have beads or jump rings and pliers laying around to get started ASAP.

Is one month enough time? Too much time?

I think we could always have them mail them out by Feb 14th:heart: ( it would still be a valentine’s day swap and would buy them a couple more days for getting supplies) I think it would be plenty of time because I have a painful hand condition in addition to everyday life stuff like school, family etc and I can make them in one or two nights, if I have the materials on hand that is:teehee: Just to be sure though we could always make a poll titled stitch marker swap and ask everyone this question and if they say yes it is enough time then maybe post rules on the first page and update the topic to STITCH MARKER SWAP SIGNUPS IN PROGRESS and maybe set the deadline to sign up by next fridayish…these are all just ideas you don’t have to listen to me lol I feel like I am taking over when I am really just trying to help out:teehee: So what do ya think?

artlady did a great tutorial! hope this helps!


(i might join… i’d have to take stock of my supplies first :wink: )

Thanks jeanius80 for that. I think I will have a go at making a few of these.

I was just about to link ArtLady’s tut on here as well when I saw that Jeanius80 had found it! It is a very good tut. There are others around but she did a very concise job of not only explaining it but SHOWING it.

Really love the Stitch Marker swap Idea It sound great fun.
(hope you guys have a great swap) (no more swaps for me)

i’d be up for that, it is small enought that it wouldnt break the bank! and it gives me an excuse to go to the bead shop.
has this got to the stage where we need sign up sheet type things?

the way i would work it is:

  1. decide on a sign up deadline
  2. create a form for people to fill out which should be PM’d to the co-ordinator by the sign up deadline. The sign up sheet should include their real name and their contact adress, plus an alternative email, incase they are not contactable by PM.
  3. once all the entries are in, each person has their name put into a hat 4 times.
  4. go down the list of participants and pick out 4 names each for each participant to send to.
  5. email/pm the participants with their 4 swap partners details.
  6. let them go!

does that cover everything?

Just a note of from US Mail Service: On the box or envelope, write: “Please Hand Stamp”, or your beads might into Stardust!!

Hey all, glad to see so many people excited about this one!!

My internet has been down for a few days, but I’m up and running again!

So, one last call before I post up a questionnaire, does anyone wish to “take over” this swap as coordinator? I’m not saying I DON’T want to, or don’t have TIME to, but if anyone is especially excited or has a bunch of ideas or whatnot, I would not be offended AT ALL or hold ANY hard feelings if you say “ooooh me me me I wanna!!”

If you would like to, please reply to this post saying so. If no one does in the next day or so, I will post a couple of preliminary questions about how people want to play, and then I’ll post up a questionnaire to start assigning swap partners.

Yay pretty stitch markers!

PS Thanks for the link and thanks artlady for the lovely tutorial!!