Idea for stitch markers

I’m not that good at throwing away those half liter bottles of soda when they’re empty, so it’s not unusual for their to be four or five of them cluttering my desk. Well, I’m working on this project with US size 19 needles, and the pattern calls for four stitch markers. I was using just scrap yarn tied in a loop, but I really don’t like how flimsy it is, and how the ends fray. Then I realized that I could use the plastic rings at the tops of the bottles, the ones the cap attaches too. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m hoping that the yarn won’t snag too much on the little prongs on the inside.

Hmm…I was going to post and say those spiny bits will probably cause you lots of yarn snagging.

If you do decide to try it, let us know how it works.

I would just use scrap yarn in a contrasting color.

I make my own stitch markers with earring hangers and beads :slight_smile: Very pretty, easy to use and fun to make! :cheering:

You can just buy o-rings (little black rubber rings) at home depot–they are super cheap. Someone suggested it on another thread and I think it’s a great idea–they come in lots of sizes so no matter what size needles you are using you should be able to find some that fit.

[color=indigo]For big needles, pony tail rubber bands would work, too. [/color]