Idea for pattern selection

So we have kpc where you can look up patterns by type but why doesn’t anyone have a query/search tool where you can type in guage and quantity of yarn to find a project? ex: 100 gram/160 meters - bulky

Don’t tell me it’s already out there and I haven’t found it yet…if it is…link please!!

I’ve not heard of such a thing, but it sounds neat. It would be a lot easier to have patterns from any yarn that way.

I did find this if it helps any till you find something.
Converting patterns by gauge

Yea…I’ve got that chart–I talked to dh about it and he said he really didn’t know why it wasn’t included on some of the other sites since they already have all of the patterns linked–he said it’s only a matter of adding a different search criteria. Thanks for the chart!

Oh I see what you mean. It sounds vaguely familiar, like I’ve seen something like that before. If I think of it I’ll let you know here.

I was thinking of some way for you to use ANY pattern based on your choice of yarn and gauge. For instance I have some sport weight yarn and would like to do a pattern that calls for worsted. I might be able to do it by trial and error gauging, but that is so much work! I just want them to at least give me a general idea so I have something to work with. Guess that might be the next phase of patterning. :wink:

The Knitters Review Forum has a place for patterns by yardage.

elann’s search feature has something like that if you scroll down.

I think this is what I was remembering. It doesn’t seem you can enter any other guage though. You get either “all” or the bulky. :??

If you click on the arrows, you can get different gauges.

Ohhh I see the problem. It only works in Internet Explorer. I normally use Firefox and most stuff works in it now, but occasionally I have to go to IE. Thanks! I wish all pattern sites had this capability!

cool–thanks ingrid!

I like this link:

It doesn’t give you specific patterns, but it can give you an idea of what types of things you can make with the yarn you have if you know the gauge and yardage.