Idea For My First Booga Bag :o)

OK here’s the idea…I want to stitch with 2 yarns at once, say 2 of navy to start with, 1/3 of the way through do 1 navy and 1 bright blue, 2/3 through 2 bright blues…I saw something like that on Edith Eig’s show once and loved the effect (only it wasn’t felted).

I was told to use size 15 needles. I’m going to make a swatch of course and wash it, yada, yada.

Any thoughts from experienced Booga Baggers out there?

Thought I’d use Patton’s Merino. Is that OK?

I used Patons Merino for my bag, and it felted great! I can’t comment on the double stranding or the needle size, though 'cuz I’m not a knitting guru. :wink: But the Patons worked great for me and was economical as the skeins are rather generous yardage-wise. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out and post pix!

I think your idea would work well! Just be sure to use the same brand of yarn for both colors so you know they’ll felt the same.

Your idea sounds perfect! :thumbsup:

sounds like fun! I used patons double stranded for clogs, I would say try a size 13 needle though. I think 15 would be too loose, even for felting. the Patons double stranded felted up well on size 13. Good luck, can’t wait to see it.

your color changes will look lovely…I used the same technique for a rug I crocheted and I love the way it looks…I’d add a pic, but it’s kinda worn and dirty now and needs to be washed.

as for needle size, 15’s should work well, but it might leave your resulting felted fabric a little floppy. If it turns out like that you can always felt it again :slight_smile: that’s the beauty of felting…it’s VERY forgiving.

Thanks all. If anyone has a link to the Edith Eig show I mentioned, please post it, I can’t find it online. I think it was the episode where Tracy Gold appeared. I’d like to go over that color grading idea once again.

I believe I was told to use 15 if I were doing the double strand. Will felt a swatch both sizes and see. Thanks for the tip, I did not know a smaller needle/i.e. tighter knit would make a more floppy bag.

Oh wait, I think this is it: Adding and Blending

I think size 15 needle is too big. The Noni bag patterns use Cascade 220 double stranded and use a size 11. As PP said, Fiber Trends clogs are double stranded and use a size 13.
ETA: Maybe it would be more helpful to give you an idea on what gauge…the Noni bags are 2.75-3st/in, 4-4.75rows/inch. Thats probably more helpful, since your tension would determine your needle size. For me, I need a size 13 to get that gauge.

Jenn, thanks!!!

BTW, (I’ve never felted before), do you gauge before or after you felt? Or both?

Before. Good luck!

I finally bought my first 2 skeins to make a swatch and wash it… I want it with pockets inside and out…I’m ALLLLLLLLLL about pockets!!!

So would you felters recommend adding the pockets BEFORE felting or sewing felted pieces on later to make the pockets???

Well, I made a pocket to put in an Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick bag. I made the pocket, sewed it in pre felting, then felted. I then had a heart attack b/c I was afraid the pocket would fuse to the bag. But it didn’t!!! It worked perfectly!!! it just took longer to dry completely.

I think in might be hard to sew on invisibly after felting, unless you use the same color thread and really sharp needle. it is hard to carefully pierce heavily felted fabric. but maybe others have better ideas.

Of course, felting still seems like magic to me, so your milage may vary!!

I think the colour changes you plan will be beautiful! I did a cushion cover that way once, not felted, though, and it’s really pretty. I had a strand of plain grey/blue and a strand of varie with that blue in it. Sometimes I used two strands of blue, sometimes one of each. I can’t wait to see your finished Booga!!! samm

Started my swatch today, but it will be chocolate brown gradating to teal, I love that color combination and the brown on the bottom will make it harder to see dirt.

I can’t wait to felt it tomorrow and see how much it shrunk. etc. It’s my first time felting anything!

I double stranded and used size 11 needles. The bag turned out great, I used lion wool for mine.

Before I saw your post I used size 13 with double strands. Turned out great.