I'd rather be knitting

I am back from a short vacation and semi-busy at work today. I love my career and current job, but I was just sitting here and realized, “Boy would I rather be knitting right now!”

How about you?

I would rather be knitting or crocheting as well. :thumbsup: Being here is the closest thing to it, since I work full time too.

If there were a serious way to make a few hundred grand a year off of knitting and crocheting … I would do it. (Hey, I don’t make that kind of money now, but I have high aspirations!!)

Very true!

Work has been slow the past couple of weeks and the 1 other knitter and I keep saying to one another “Man, I wish we could knit!” (and we both have our knitting here cuz we knit on our lunch breaks…)

I think the same thing, too. Sometimes I daydream about owning a LYS so I can just go to work and knit all day and not get in trouble!

AMEN to that!!!

When I worked at a museum in Virginia (house built in 1754) for the summer a couple of years ago I could cross stitch, knit, etc while working there if we didn’t have any tours going on (no TV, no computer, no radio, no airconditioning!)

One older retired judge who was on the historical board loved to see me working on stuff like that when he was there for meetings. Sadly he passed away earlier this year. :sad:

That’s the story of my life here at work!!! :pout: I even have a blog post on the same subject. :teehee:

Well I don’t work at an official job but I am a homeschooling mom to three with a house that must be clean by 5 (we are having company) I want to be knitting so badly. My dd who is 11 said the same thing a minute ago. Well if we hurry up we might get some knitting time. :woot:

I’m a stay at home mom, but I still don’t have the time to knit as much as I would like. I confess, I try to go to my LYS once or twice a week to knit for a couple of hours. cloud9

Sometimes my knitting time gets me into trouble…


Me too!!

I home school my four kids (ages 4-12) and I definitely wish for more knitting time! Hey, I am teaching my seven yr old to knit though, so I can legally do it and still be “working”!


Btw, he’s pretty good, too!

I’m home off the road so I’ve been doing laundry and a few odd home repairs, house cleaning, etc as breaks between knitting.

me too… esp with the FOUR boys here today…

Well, I got my wish yesterday! Tuesday night I came down with a bug and had to stay home from work yestarday. No, really, I did. I think I got it on the plane coming back from Albuquerque, I really hate it when the flights are totally full! I always seem to pick something up on long, full flights.

On the bright side, between sleeping and rehydrating, I managed to get a few rows on (actually about 10" of a pair of sleeves I am workign on).

DH is coming home from Alburquerque tonight, having taken a longer vacation there (visiting his parents while on break from law school). He had better not bring any more bugs home with him! I want to knit, but I don’t want it like that!

Sounds loud…in fact, I think maybe I can hear them from here, lol!

2 are playing guitar hero, one’s playing his guitar, and the oldest is on his laptop with his headphones on…

And i’m in the office with the door shut (barely muffles it) attempting to get some schoolwork done in between cats walking across my keyboard LOL

I’m at school- third day and I wish I could get my sock out but I think my principal would frown on that! I got like an inch and a half done last night and I am itching to work on it. Maybe when I get home before DH gets there!

I’m at work and would sooooo rather be knitting!! I can’t knit here, but I can surf the net all I want - how does that make sense! I’d rather have people who work for me knit instead!!

IBAmyB: Love your banners in your signature!! :hug::hug::hug:to you, your hubby and your family!!

sigh, story of our lives.

I too can surf the net all i like and sort of cover it up… i think breaking out the knitting in the office would be pushing it a bit!! :slight_smile:

Amy, if you scroll down the page on the story of Mr. Bean’s bear and click on the picture, it takes you to the pattern :slight_smile:

I"m so tempted to try to make one for dh!